Thank You Note to Sciences Faculty

This month we have a thank you note to Mrs. Sandra Davis, Instructor of Mathematics, from a student.

From: Ross, Mary
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2012 12:37 PM
To: Sandra Davis
Subject: thanks

Ms. Davis,

I just wanted to send you a note to say, thank you.  I appreciate all your hard work, help, and attention you gave our class.  I originally was going to avoid taking Finite Math.  I had built up a fear about taking the class.  I just decided to overcome that fear, I had to face it head on.  I was going to either have to face now or later, I knew in order to graduate.  I would have to take that class.  I so appreciate educators such as yourself.  You can see your infectious passion for math and it is catching.  I so appreciate your optimism and encouragement.  You would not allow us to focus on what we could not do, you just keep telling us it’s not hard.   It may appear that sometimes those small things don’t mean much.  They definitely spoke volumes in my life.  I now feel differently about math.  I don’t have that fear anymore, you helped me to overcome that fear by creating a positive learning environment.  I will walk away from this class a better person.  This class has helped me with my critical thinking, it has improved my organizational skills, it has helped me to have more of an eye for detail, and it has helped me to logically approach difficult task.  It has been an pleasure and honor.  I hope I see you on campus in January.  Once again, thank you very much.

Happy New Year,

Mary Ross
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office
Information Systems – IT Manager