Alumni News

Dr.  Robert Appling, Biology 2003, announced his engagement to Jenny Cappleman. Dr. Appling is graduated from Barry University (2008) and is currently a podiatrist at Southhaven Foot Clinic.

Jennifer Heltonsmith

Jennifer Hiltonsmith

Jennifer Hiltonsmith, Natural Science 2011, is in the Graduate Biology program at the University of Southern Maine. She is currently studying the physiological effects of oil dispersant on blue mussels. With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the presence of the Portland-Montreal pipeline docking station in Maine, it is important to understand the effects that dispersants, which are used to clean up oil spills, may have on the wildlife environment. Blue mussels were selected as the test subject because they are very abundant in Maine and serve as a bioindicator. In addition to her thesis work she is also responsible for teaching Anatomy and Physiology labs. After completion of her master’s degree she plans on working for an environmental testing agency either with the government or in a private sector.

Brandon Maharrey, Biology 2012, was accepted to the Pediatric Oncology Education program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for this summer.

Kristi Prevost, Biology 2010, has been accepted to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine class of 2017!  Congratulations to Kristi!!!

Hope Shackelford, Biology 2010 and MHIRT, and  Adam Luka, Biology 2009 and MHIRT, were married on February 23, 2013.