Note from the Dean

Spring in blossom by Cooper-Wilson

Spring blossoms by Cooper-Wilson

Spring break is over, but I’m not sure winter is.  It is close to freezing this morning as I write this note.  Last year we had such a mild winter that I had plenty of choices for a great springtime picture for the March 2012 newsletter, but this year I had a hard time finding a picture to take that would show spring.  The forecast for Friday, the date for the newsletter to go out, is for a high around 70, and for me that qualifies as spring weather – yeah!  While the Memphis winter this year was much colder than average, we had nothing like the snowy winter weather of the Midwest and Northeast.

College teaching is a lot like spring.  Students come to college with a lot of potential hidden inside.  It is the job of the professors to warm and water that potential so it can become a beautiful and fruitful reality.  Like spring thunderstorms, college teaching has its trials and tribulations, for both students and faculty.  But the beauty of the subject, like the sun, will eventually shine forth.  To glimpse that light and to be able to share that light with others is an absolute pleasure for me as a professor.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter with its many items including the featured alum, the featured article on student groups, the nice thank you note, and the featured department: mathematics.

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