Alumni News

Jenny Bernard doing research with MHIRT in 2005.

Jenny Bernard doing research with MHIRT in 2005.

Jennifer Bernard, Biology 2006, won the C.L. Davis Student Scholarship Award in Veterinary Pathology, a pathology resident award voted on by the faculty at U.T.  She will finish her veterinary residency in July and take her boards in September.

Courtney Colotta, Pharm.D. UTHSC 2013, Biology 2009, is engaged to Paul Thompson, Accounting 2008, and they will be married October 19, 2013.

Eric Davis, Biology 2008, announced his engagement to Christie Chumney, Business Administration 2007.

Meagan Lamica, Biology 2011, is engaged to Matt Cross, U of M Business management.  Meagan is currently studying nursing at Baptist College of Health Sciences.  Matt is the lead technician for Proscan that runs low voltage cable.

Adam Luka, M.D. LSU 2013, Biology 2009, matched at Medical College of Georgia with internal med year in Roanoke Virginia.

Dr.  Sana Mujahid, Biology 2007, successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis  “Regulation of lung development by miRNAs and Hox genes” at Tuffs University.  She will graduate in May from Tuffs and is currently applying to post-doctoral positions.

Michelle Paul Tubinis, M.D. UAMS 2013, Biology 2009, matched at UAB in anesthesiology.  Also, Michelle and her husband, Zach, announce the birth of their daughter, Riley Kate Tubinis, born 3/30/13 at 3:49 pm with weight 8lbs 10oz and length  19.5 in long.