Math Center Tutors 9/13

The Math Center is a very popular place where students can get free one-on-one tutoring in math. It is also a place to do your math homework by yourself or in a study group with others in the center. Here are profiles of two of the tutors.

Elizah Brown, Math Tutor

Elijah Brown, Math Tutor

Elijah Brown is a freshman who offered his talents as a tutor in the CBU Math Center.  He graduated from First Assembly Christian School and received AP credit in Calculus I.  He is currently enrolled in Calculus II and is pursuing a major in Electrical Engineering.  When asked why he wanted to become a math tutor he said “I like to help others and I like explaining and doing math problems.”

Htet Cho Oo, Math Tutor

Htet Cho Oo, Math Tutor

Htet Cho Oo is a junior from Myanmar, Southeast Asia. He is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major, with a Mathematics minor. He tutors every Math course up to Probability, everything in Computer Science, everything in Physics and Chemistry 115. He has a very pleasing personality and will try to tutor anyone until they understand a topic.   Even if he is in the center and not on duty he cheerfully helps students when time will permit. Htet Cho is also active in the school of Engineering and tutors some Electrical Engineering courses.  He likes technology related topics.  He says that if you are interested in technology, he’d be interested in getting to know you!