Note from the Dean 10/13

Cooper-Wilson as fall approaches

Cooper-Wilson Center for the Life Sciences as fall approaches.

Little words can make big differences.  In physics, Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion says ∑F = ma.  But are the forces, F, the forces on the object or by the object?  This is an important distinction, and Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion deals with this.  (The answer is on, not by.)  In teaching, we can’t learn things for students; we learn with students.  We are there to help students learn because we can’t learn things for them.  In a similar way, we can’t give students self respect; but we can help them earn it.

In this newsletter, as with all our newsletters, we try to show how well our students do learn and some of the many ways our faculty help them in this process.  We have a featured article on the MHIRT program where students have an opportunity to do summer research in Brazil and other places where the trips are paid for and the students earn a stipend.  We have another article on our new Ecology degree along with an article on an interesting course on the Biology of Zoo Animals.  We also continue to feature an alum and a couple of tutors in our Math Center.

I hope you enjoy reading about our students and faculty and their work.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at