Thank You Note to Professor Grilli

Hey Ms. Grilli,

How is it going? It’s been a while since I spoke to you.

Well, the reason I thought of you was because I am bored in class; and the reason I’m bored is because we are learning some graph theory today in my computer networks class. Surprisingly I am the only student who has studied graph theory and providing some valuable input.

I really thank you and the CBU math department. I feel that a majority of my graduate school work seems so easy to grasp and research because of my strong math background. Encourage all engineers to take a lot of Math. It’s extremely important. And especially encourage electrical engineers to take Discrete and Probability and Linear Algebra. They are extremely important in grad school.

Thanks for all your help last quarter with the probability tips and hints and hope you are doing well.

Take care and regards to all


Sincerely,  Osborn de Lima,  Grad EE Student, Rochester Institute of Technology