Alumni News 11/13

Dr. Cina Ali, Biology 2001 & UTHSC 2008, and Dominique Butanwan were married in 2012.  Dr. Ali finished his residency in Radiology at UTCHS and has moved to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, to be a Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellow.

From Jeff Brown, Biology 1997:    Hi Dr. Ross!   It has been a long time since I spoke to anyone there.  It is amazing how fast time can go by and you not realize it.  I hope things are well there.  I completed a fellowship in Cardiac Anesthesiology at UAB in 2011.  I am board certified in Transesophageal Echocardiography and focus on Cardiac Anesthesiology.  I am in private practice with Metropolitan Anesthesia Alliance in Memphis, and live in Germantown. Tell everyone there I said hello.

Dr. Courtney Coletta, Biology 2009 & Pharm.D. 2013, and Paul Thompson, Accounting 2008, were married Saturday October 19.

Michael Herr, Biology 2008, was married on November 9th to Ashley Elliot.  Michael will defend his Ph.D. thesis on December 11.  Michael was the graduate student mentor and worked with Jessica Jameson, Biology 2014, last summer.

Mallory Poff Loughridge, Biology 2009 & BMH nursing 2011, and her husband, Scott, just welcomed Amelia Rose into their lives on October 26.  She was 6 lbs 13 oz.   Everyone is doing fine.

Dr. Jason Porter, Biology 2008 & UTHSC 2013, is currently doing an intern year of internal medicine at UTHSC and is applying for fellowships for next year.

Indiana Soliman, Biology 2013 biology, just obtained her US citizenship.

Jessica Wright, Natural Science & Education 2010, just started her new job on October 30 as an education specialist at the Tulsa Zoo.