Featured Department: Chemistry

The CBU Chemistry Department offers four-year programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  The Chemistry Degree has four paradigm options, including ones designed for graduate school, Forensic Chemistry, and preparation for Medical and Pharmacy schools.  The Biochemistry degree is designed to provide a strong preparation for both the workplace and professional schools, including pharmacy school, medical school, or dental school.  Both the Chemistry and Biochemistry degree programs place emphasis on the development of a wide range of laboratory skills that will prove useful, whether students will be going directly into the workforce after graduation or going on to post-graduate studies.


Chemistry Lab image

Jimmy Nguyen, Biochemistry 2015, and Kim Ngo, Biochemistry 2015, Laboratory Assistants in the Chemistry Department, are shown unpacking new laboratory glassware.

The Chemistry Department has adopted a philosophy that the best way to learn chemistry is to do it in real world settings.  In addition to the research requirement in the department, we offer a number of opportunities through either work-study or direct employment in the department for students to begin working in the laboratories throughout their entire course of study with us.  Students begin as Laboratory Assistants; juniors and seniors have the opportunity to be selected as Laboratory Specialists.  One or two students who have been in our work-study program for at least two years have the opportunity  to be selected as Associate Lab Coordinators.  The Laboratory Specialist and Associate Lab Coordinator positions include supervisory responsibilities, giving students the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience.  Yusef Akbik, Biochemistry 2014, is currently the Associate Lab Coordinator; and Duy Nguyen, Chemistry 2014, is the Laboratory Specialist.


Tiffany Corkran

Tiffany Corkran, a Chemistry Center tutor, is shown in the Chemistry Help Center.

The Chemistry Department wants to help students succeed in our courses and now offers over 19 hours per week of free tutoring in the Chemistry Help Center located in CW207; current hours and tutor schedules are posted by the door of CW207.  Tutors this semester include: Dr. Harmon Dunathan, Tiffany Corkran , Chemistry 2014, Takeva Hicks, Biochemistry 2015, and Shesha Shah, Chemistry 2014.