News of the Moment 3/14

Dr. Raena King, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, had a paper accepted for publication:  Projections on Some Vector Valued Function Spaces with Nadia Gal (University of Miami).  Accepted in Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum.

The MHIRT class of 2014.

The MHIRT class of 2014.

The Minority Health International Research Training (MHIRT) program with Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology, as the principle investigator,  Dr. Julia Hanebrink as the Program Coordinator, and Jayannie Webster as the Assistant, is continuing this summer.  Elton Banks , Biomedical Science 2014, is a staff member and Daryl Stevens, a CBU psychology major, is a participant. Both students are officers in the CBU Chapter of Alpha Chi, the national interdisciplinary honor society.

Students presented research at U of M.

Shesha Shah, Christine Nguyen, and Yusef Akbik are shown in front of the University of Memphis Tiger statue after their presentations.

On February 22Yusef Akbik, Biochemistry 2014, Christine Nguyen, Biochemistry 2014, and Shesha (Sheshaben) Shah, Chemistry 2014, presented the results of their undergraduate research at the 34th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference hosted by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Memphis.  The title of Yusef Akbik’s talk was “An Examination of the Factors that Influence Iron Oxide-Gold Core-Shell Particle Growth”.  The title of Christine Nguyen’s talk was “Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles of Various Shapes and Sizes”.  The title of Shesha Shah’s talk was “Computational Investigation of M-Ga-F Triatomics with Row 3 Metals (M=Sc…Zn)”.  Yusef Akbik and Christine Nguyen both performed their research in the laboratory of Dr. Xiaohua Huang; and Shesha Shah performed her research in the laboratory of Dr. Charles Webster in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Memphis.

Poster Session

Rebecca Johnston, Heather Huff, and Charlene Patino with their poster at the BIOL 362 Poster Session

On February 25, BIOL 362 Junior Seminar had its poster session where students displayed their posters based on research articles they analyzed.

On February 27, the Student Section of the Mathematical Association of America celebrated Pi Day.  Since the value of pi is approximately 3.14…, this celebration usually takes place on 3/14, but that date fell during spring break this year. So the celebration was moved to 2/27, since 22/7 is a close approximation to the value of pi.

Contestants at the Science Olympiad.

Contestants at the Science Olympiad.

On Saturday, March 1, CBU hosted the regional Science Olympiad for the western part of the state of Tennessee.  We had a very successful day.  Approximately one hundred students participated in the events of that day.  We had five high schools participating and three middle schools.  White Station High school brought two teams so we had 6 teams participating in the high school events.  We were able to judge 21 events for the high school teams.   We had only three middle schools registered and one of those did not participate in most of the events so there was less competition at this level. Nevertheless, we were able to judge and rank the participants in 20 different event.   For each event that we judged, we  awarded first, second and third place individual medals to the contestants.  In addition, we awarded trophies for first and second place schools with the best overall scores.  The events vary greatly, some events are essentially pen and paper exams which test for theoretical knowledge, others require the contestants to bring in previously constructed devices that are tested either to destruction or for speed/precision, while yet other events require the contestants to construct and test devices in a certain limited period of time on  the day of the event.  All in all, it was a very fun, exciting and I hope educational day for the contestants, their coaches and parents.  We will be sending two high school teams on to the state tournament as well as two middle school teams.  This year White Station High School and Collierville High School took first and second place overall, respectively, and thus are invited to participate at the State Tournament in April.   At the middle school level the first and second place teams in the overall competition were White Station Middle School and the Memphis School of Excellence.  Congratulations go to those schools.  To all the rest of the competitors and to the many judges who gave their time and effort many thanks for making March 1 both fun and educational.