Note from the Dean 3/14

BIOL 218 Lab

Spring is late this March, so here is an inside picture: Human Anatomy & Physiology students earned AHA certification in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (taught by the faculty of CBU’s Physician Assistant Program) last month.

Competition and Cooperation.  Creativity and Critical thinking.  Physics (science) and Philosophy (art).  Are these pairs opposites or complements?  How about Rights and Responsibilities, and Efficiency and Effectiveness?  How curious that the first letters of each of the five pairs is the same!  Does thinking about these pairs help prepare for a career or for life – or for both?   Last month I talked about the importance of questions, and here I go again – asking questions.

Earlier this month we held the regional Science Olympiad here at CBU, and later this month we will host the regional Science Fair.  Throughout history, people have created competitions to test people’s skills in areas that were important to their society:  the Greeks had the Olympics (and we have resurrected those games), the Wild West had the rodeos (and we still have those), and now we have similar competitions in science.  Note that these competitions are both individual and team oriented, so cooperation plays a large part in these competitions.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter that features how CBU students are involved in all of these questions.