Thank You Note to Dr. Mary Ogilvie

This month we have a thank you note to Dr. Mary Ogilvie, Professor of Biology, from Kelly Jeu, Biomedical Science 2013, who is now in medical school.

Hi Dr. O,

I hope you had a good Christmas. We just started back this week. We’re learning immunology, and let me tell you, I am so glad I took that class with you at CBU. We’ve been hitting this stuff hard this week (it’s even more fast-paced than first semester if you can believe it). Only 27% of our class reported taking immuno before so I feel sorry for those who are seeing this for the first time. We’ve managed to cover topics in the first 4 days that we didn’t cover until mid-semester with you. It’s all been coming back to me really easily. Although we did talk about complement today in way more detail than you required b/c apparently it’s overrepresented on the Step 1 exam.

So just wanted to say hi and thanks for being an awesome instructor.

I hope your spring semester goes well.

Kelly Jeu