Featured Alum 4/14: Ashley Wise Jett, Biology 2004

Ashley Wise Jett

Ashley Wise Jett

My name is Ashley Wise Jett. I earned a Bachelor’s in Science degree from Christian Brothers University in 2004, with a major in biology and minors in chemistry and psychology. I attended the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, and graduated in 2008 with a doctorate of pharmacy degree.

I knew as an incoming freshman at CBU that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. My mom suggested pharmacy, which led to my first “real job” as a pharmacy technician at Walmart in 2001.  I knew that this would be the best way for me to determine if pharmacy was a good fit for me.  I worked weekends and started at minimum wage.  I have now been with the company almost 13 years, and I am blessed to now be the pharmacist in charge at the Walmart in Oakland, TN.

I know for certain that pharmacy is the profession that I am meant to be practicing.  As a senior at CBU, I was given the opportunity to complete my research project with a professor from UT College of Pharmacy.  I feel that this extra work experience helped to separate me from other pharmacy school applicants. Looking back on my educational career, some of my favorite professors were at CBU. Some of whom I still remain in touch with today.  Their genuine concern and encouragement helped guide me to where I am today.

In pharmacy school, I met my husband. Even though we are both pharmacists, our areas of practice are completely different. While I am a community pharmacist filling prescriptions and counseling patients on their medications, he is a clinical pharmacist at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He works in an outpatient clinic, managing diseases and prescribing medications for various disease states. I can honestly say I love my job. Pharmacists are on the front lines of providing medications to patients. We are also the last line of intervention between a potentially harmful medication and a patient. I have an amazing staff, and being in a small town has allowed me to form genuine relationships with my patients. I am so grateful and blessed to have the educational background from CBU and UT College of Pharmacy, which has led me to such a gratifying career. My husband, Bryan Paul, and I have a 2 year old little girl, Bryley.  I can only hope that one day she will choose CBU to further her education and build lasting friendships like the ones so dear to me.