Featured Article: What makes a CBU Science degree so special?

Dr. Holmes

Dr. Holmes

by Johnny B. Holmes, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Sciences

What makes a CBU Science degree so special?  Is it the high acceptance rates to graduate and professional schools that are graduates obtain?  Or is that just a demonstration of how special our degree is?  Is it the nice classrooms and labs that provide the tools to help our students learn and explore?  Is it the seriousness of the students we attract – ones who value an institution for its teaching?  Is it the faculty who dedicate so much time and effort into the educational process in all of its myriad aspects?

I think the fundamental answer lies in the fact that CBU attracts and hires faculty who want to teach.  Faculty who are obviously talented in their fields accept positions at CBU because they and we value the teaching.  It starts with faculty who take pride in the work they do in the classroom.  Our faculty put hours into preparing their lectures and demonstrations and in designing experiments for the lab sections.  But effective teaching goes beyond the classroom.  It involves designing courses and preparing course materials.  It involves coordinating courses and designing whole curriculums (majors) that provide the knowledge and skill base for future careers and interests.  Effective teaching involves helping students through academic advising in one-on-one conversations.  Effective teaching involves interacting with students in the student groups that each department has.  Effective teaching involves interacting with students in their research, with help in finding interesting research for them, and helping them learn what it takes to perform that research.  Certainly no person can be outstanding in all of those areas of teaching, but I could easily give several examples of particular faculty members who excel in each of the above areas.

I know this sounds like a commercial for the CBU School of Sciences.  But what I am really trying to do is to say THANK YOU to the Sciences faculty who it has been, and continues to be, my pleasure to work with over these years.  I also wish to express my thanks to our graduates who have taken advantage of the opportunities that the Sciences faculty have provided and to our current students who continue to make those efforts to achieve a great and rewarding education.