Note from the Dean 4/14

Spring at CW

It was a long winter (for Memphis), but it is finally starting to look and feel like spring!

Sometimes I think we don’t appreciate how much we have learned.  Once we know something well, we tend to think it should be as obvious to everyone else as it now is to us.  I tell my students that physics is easy once you understand it – the problem is that it is sometimes hard to get to that understanding.  One of the major difficulties for teachers is to recognize that parts of their subjects really are not as obvious as they seem to be to them.  The opposite extreme is to think that only really bright people can understand what we do.  We teachers have to find a balance between assuming our subjects are obvious or nearly impossible.

As the academic year sprints toward the end, I enjoy seeing how much my students have learned.  I hope in this issue of the newsletter you can get a sense of how much the students and graduates of CBU have learned and see a sample of their many accomplishments.