Johnny Holmes

Johnny Holmes,
School of Sciences Dean

Teaching versus research. American higher educational institutions are spread all over the spectrum when it comes to teaching and research. Some are well known for their teaching, some for their research. For smaller institutions, research, especially in science, can be very expensive. For larger institutions, because research can be so time intensive, teaching can become a secondary activity. All institutions struggle with finding an appropriate balance.

At CBU, we view research not so much as a competitor to teaching but rather as an important component of effective and enjoyable teaching. We have been fortunate in having generous donations from the Van Vleet and Assisi Foundations that have allowed us to obtain expensive equipment for laboratory components to many of our science courses. We have “solved” the research time problem by partnering with several area research centers, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, the University of Memphis, and the Memphis Zoo. Many of our students do research at these institutions under mentors who are full time researchers. Because our students have gained extensive lab experience at CBU, they are well prepared to join the research projects at these fine instututions.

As you can see in the following articles, research at CBU is alive and well, and it complements our teaching.

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