Alumni News 10/14

Jeremy Todd Armstrong, Esq.  Biology 2008, has passed the bar.  Jeremy received his J.D. degree from Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, class or 2014.

Yuan (Eva) Chen, Biochemistry, 2014, was accepted into the 2014 entering class of the Master of Cytopathology Practice (MCP) Degree Program in the College of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee.  She was awarded the University of Tennessee A&D Chancellor Scholarship, named after Andrew D. Holt who was a former president of the University of Tennessee.

Lorrainee Delgado with her fiance', Javier Santiago

Lorrainee Delgado with her fiance’, Javier Santiago

Lorainne Delgado, Natural Science 2002 & MHIRT 2001, announced her engagement to Javier Santiago.  He popped the question after a romantic balloon ride at sunset.  She is currently a quality control biochemist at GSK in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Lauren D’Surney, Biomedical Science 2013, and Xinyu von Buttlar, Biochemistry 2011, have just started the M.S. in Pharmacology program at UTHSC.

Catherine Gluszek, Biochemistry 2011, and Austin Gooch, Mechanical Engineering 2011, were married on Saturday, October 5, 2014.

Jessica Green, Biochemistry 2013, is teaching high school chemistry at Arlington High School.

Captain Whitney Heath Vickery, Biology 2008, DMV 2012,  and her husband, Stephen, announce the birth of their son, Eliott Luther Vickery.  Whitney and Stephen are in the army and currently stationed in Misawa Air Base in Japan.

Dr. Rob Kissell, Biology 1986, accepted a position with Tennessee Tech University that began in August. He is the Chair of the Biology Department.

Bobby and his fiancee'

Bobby and his fiancee’

Bobby Lawrence, Biology 2007, announced his engagement to Jessie Barton.  Bobby is currently  a medical student at Dubusk College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Ashley Miller, M.S., Biology 2006, is currently at the University of Memphis working for the Center for Research in Educational Policy as a research associate.  She just published her first journal article:  Identifying Predictors for Children Witnessing Intimate Partner Violence, in J of Family Violence (2014) 29:675-679.  Simonne S. Nouer & SeèTrail N. Mackey & Nathan G. Tipton & Ashley C. Miller  & Pamela D. Connor.

Lauryn Murphy, Biology 2013, was accepted to the CBU Physician Assistant program.

Luanzo Lung’Aho, Chemistry 2012, is teaching high school chemistry at Frazier High School.

Mallori's daughter's first steps ... to meet her dad

Mallori’s daughter’s first steps … to meet her dad

Mallori Poff Longhridge, Biology 2006 & Baptist School of Nursing 2011, is a nurse at Lebonheur Children’s Hospital.  Her daughter, Amelia, met her dad, Scott, for the first time because she was born during his deployment.

Dr. Brent Prentiss, Biology 2006, graduated from Tennessee State University in Physical Therapy (2014) and was recently married to Dana Marie Hinton.  The couple is back in Memphis from Nashville and Brent is currently interviewing for jobs and expects a position shortly.

Rachel Reese Covington presenting her poster.

Rachel Reese Covington presenting her poster.

Rachael Reese Covington, M.S., Biomedical Science 2012, presented a poster as part of her M.S. thesis work.  It was at the National Society of Genetic Counselors, and is entitled: “Implementation of Crisis Intervention Training in Genetic Counseling Training Programs”.

Cameron Volpe with her poster

Cameron Volpe with her poster

Cameron Volpe, Biology 2013, currently a student at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, had an abstract accepted for publication in the veterinary student online journal, The Vet Gazette, Volume 50 Issue 3. Cameron conducted a project this summer at Mississippi State entitled “Thermal imaging assessments of body temperature in the equine eye, muzzle, and coronary band,” and presented a poster at the 2014 Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Symposium at Cornell University this July.



Alumni News 9/14

Special Awards to Alumni

Dr. Susan A. Appling, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS , Natural Science 1985, received the American Physical Therapy Association’s Lucy Blair Service Award during the association’s NEXT Conference & Exposition held in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 11-14, 2014.  See the article on Alumni Awards later in this newsletter.

Ben Bradford (Chism) has a single on itunes and has been on CMT Pure (  He will be in Memphis soon.  He routinely plays in Nashville and Florida.  Ben will be playing a concert at CBU on Sept 27th.

Analice Hosey Sowell, Chemistry 2002 & MAT 2005, was awarded the John M. Nail Outstanding Teaching award during the 2014 commencement exercises for Memphis University School.  She also earned a Local Section Outreach Volunteer Award from the American Chemical Society.  See also the Special Article on Awards to Alumni later in this newsletter.

Graduations from professional schools

Michael Antone at his graduation.

Michael Antone at his graduation for his D.D.S. degree

Michael Antone, Biology 2009, graduated from UTHSC with a D.D.S.

Jeremy Armstrong, Biology 2008, graduated with a J.D. degree from the University of Memphis law school.

Kathleen Nelson Goldberg, Biology 2011, graduated from UTHSC with a D.P.T.  (Physical Therapy)

Teair’e (Carmichael) LaShae, Natural Science 2012, graduated from UTHSC with a M.S.N.  (Nursing)

Sally Lynch at graduation

Sally Lynch at vet school graduation

Sally Lynch, Natural Science 2007, graduated with a D.V.M. from the Louisiana State University Veterinary School.

Rachael Reese Covington, Biomedical Science 2012, graduated with her M.S. in Genetic Counseling from the University of Alabama Birmingham.  She is working as a Genetic Counselor at the West Clinic in Memphis and married Michael Covington in June 2014.

Binoh Shah, Chemistry 2010, graduated from UTHSC with a Pharm.D.,  He received the leadership award from Memphis’ local Pharmacists Society.

Graduate School Acceptances and New Jobs

Hajra (right) at the CBU PA White Coat ceremony

Hajra (right) at the CBU Physicians’ Assistant White Coat ceremony

Natalie Hurt Birch, Biology 2011, and Hajra Motiwala, Natural Science 2011, (on the right in the image) were in the CBU PA white coat ceremony in May.

Angela Williams, Biology 2013, and Garrett Burton, Natural Science 2014, have just been accepted to the CBU Physicians Assistant program and start in December.

Sherita Granderson, Biology 2013, is starting medical laboratory science at Baptist College, Memphis, this month.

Jessica Green, Biochemistry 2013, has accepted a job teaching AP chemistry and coaching at Arlington High School.

Andrew Greenop, Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering 2012, has been accepted to the Nuclear Engineering Program at UC Berkeley for the fall of 2014.

Dr. Oscar Herrera, Chemistry 2006 and Pharm. D. UTCHS 2011 & Pediatric Nutrition Support Fellowship UTCHS/LeBonheur 2014, become a Clinical Assistant Professor at the UTHSC College of Pharmacy.  “Special mention goes to William Busler, Martha Holt, Mike Worsham, Tara Parish and Rich Helms; these people took a chance on me when nobody would, I would not be where I am without them. I will be forever grateful!”  (Dr. William Busler is Professor Emeritus in Chemistry at CBU.)

Dana Pabalate

Dana Pabalate (left)

Hannah Kurtz started Pharmacy School at UTCHS this month.  She left CBU early to start this month.

Nathan Melton, Physics 2010, is a graduate student in physics at U.C. Merced.  Nathan passed his preliminary exams this spring.

Mercedes Thomas-Mitchusson started Dental Hygene School at UTHSC.

Huong Tran, Biology 2011, finished an M.S. in nursing at UTHSC about a year ago but has just started her doctoral program in nursing and is hoping to teach in the future.

Dana Pabalate Zimmerman , Biology 2012, M.S.N., will start D.N.P. in August in pediatrics at UTHSC.  Dana is pictured above with her new husband, Jacob Zimmerman.  They were married in July.  Dana has started working at St Jude Childrens’ Research Hospital, which she describes as her dream job.

Dr. Supriya (Suzy) Ponnapula , Biology 2010, has accepted a Pharmacy residency position at TVHS VA in Nashville, TN, and loves it so far.

Papers Published by Alums

Pictured with jessica are Dr. Tonia Rex her phD advisor at Vanderbilt and Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald.

Jessica with Dr. Tonia Rex, her Ph.D. advisor at Vanderbilt, and Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald.

Jessica Hines Beard, Biology 2010, presented a paper at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) international meeting in Orlando Fla. Pictured with Jessica are Dr. Tonia Rex, her Ph.D. advisor at Vanderbilt, and Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, professor of Biology at CBU  The title of her poster was “Early and age-related changes in the glaucomatous  DBA/2J retina”.

Christini Fernando, Natural Science 2013, had the manuscript of the Senior Research she did during the Summer of 2012 accepted for publication by the peer-reviewed dental journal “Operative Dentistry”.  Christini is currently in Miami doing dental Hygiene.

Brent Holmes, Mathematics & Physics 2013, had a paper published in the journal Geombinatorics 2014, Pages 158-169, entitled: Rainbow Colorings of Some Geometrically Defined Uniform Hypergraphs in the Plane .  Brent also passed his qualifying exams in the Ph.D. program in Mathematics at the University of Kansas this past month.

Marriages & Engagements

Christian Bahniuk, Biology 2014, and Andrew Sillyman (works at West Memphis Steel) announced their engagement on August 6, 2014.

Anna Birg, Biochemistry  2014, and William Mitchell, Marketing 2013, announced their engagement on August 8, 2014.

Jessica Dunn Garrett at her white coat ceremony at the Union Pharmacy School.

Jessica Dunn Garrett at her white coat ceremony at the Union Pharmacy School.

Jessica Dunn, Biology 2013, married Wesley Garrett June 2014. Jessica is a first year pharmacy student at Union University

Dr. Brinson Boyte Hargraves , Biology 1999 & UTHSC 2004, was married on August 23rd to  Dr. Adam Owens.  They are currently practicing and residing in Jonesboro, AR.

Kristi Prevost, Biology 2010 and Aaron Camp were married in New Orleans, LA. on Saturday, August 26, 2014.  Kristi is currently in veterinay school at LSU.

New Babies

Dr. Robert Appling, Biology 2003, and his wife, Jenny, had a baby girl, Avery Lynn, on July 24, 2014.

Dr. Justin Carmichael, (left CBU early in 2006 for chiropractic school) and his wife, Jessica, welcomed their daughter, Mallory Faith, on May 20, 2014.  They are currently living in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, in Grapeville, TX.

Dr. Kyle Markaway, Natural Science 2007, and his wife, Jess, had their first child, a son, Kyle Christopher, on June 18, 2014.  Kyle is currently working as a physical therapist at Tri State Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in Knoxville TN area.

Brad and Michelle Moats McCullough, Natural Science 2007, announce the birth of their first child, Mindy Grace McCullough, weighing in at 7 lbs., 7oz. and measuring 20 inches in length, on August 20.

Dr. Frank Ramirez, Chemistry 2008 and Pharm. D. Union 2012, and Erin Green Ramirez, Natural Science 2008, had their first child, a girl, Ryan Elizabeth, on August 15th.  Everyone is doing fine!  Frank is currently a manager at WalMart Pharmacy.

Kim Ries Whittington, Biology 2003 and MHIRT 2004, and her husband Alan, Mathematics 2005, welcomed their daughter, Remy Nichole, on  May 13, 2014.  They are currently living in Houston, TX.

Dr. Christopher Sage, Biology 2005 & UTHSC 2009, and his wife, Carrie, had their second child, a girl, Allie Claire, in April 2014.  Christopher is currently working at Med Communications and lives in Covington, TN.

Dr. Jerad Schultz , Biology 2006 & MHIRT 2005 & UTHSC 2010, and his wife, Kaye, had their second child, Robert Matthew, on Feb 3, 2014.  Jerad is currently a physical therapist at BMH, Memphis.

Alumni News 4/14

Several SOS alumni attended the CBU night at the Redbirds.  Some of them are pictured here.

Several SOS alumni attended the CBU night at the Redbirds. Some of them are pictured here.

Amanda Fitzgerald, Biology 2011, just had her first paper published with co-authors Brittney Wright and Scott Heldt.  “The behavioral pharmacology of zolpidem:  evidence for the functional significance of alpha1-containing GABA A receptors.”  It is a review paper in Psychopharmacology (Berl).

Christopher Sage, Biology 2005, and his wife, Carrie, welcomed their new daughter, Alessandra, this month.

Jessica Schneider, Biomedical Science 2013, has been accepted to the Church Health Center Scholar program, and will start there on June 2nd.

Corta Thompson Nilsson, Biology 2004, and her husband welcomed Filip, their new son, on 3/30/2014. She and her husband, Bo, just moved to Dubai where they will live for 2-3 years. Bo works for Mueller, and Corta was a nurse at Methodist . She did her nursing training at William Carey University.

Laura Williamson, DMV, Biology 2001, was in town this weekend. She is working as a relief vet in the Birmingham area.  She fills in when and where she is needed.

R. Terry Newsom, RN BSN, was just inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing.

Nursing Stars is Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare’s annual recognition event to celebrate outstanding nurses throughout the system. We are delighted to honor 59 nurses who achieved excellence in professionalism, interpersonal relations, community involvement, innovation, the science of nursing and patient and family-centered care.  Congratulations to CBU Nursing Alumni Laura Nathan – Methodist University and Roni  Dillard – Methodist North!

Alumni News 3/14

Jenny Bernard

Jenny Bernard

Congratulations to Jenny Bernard, Biology 2006 – see the image!

Elizabeth Beebe Longo, Biology 2011, has been accepted to the Lowenberg School of Nursing accelerated program for Fall of 2014.   She and Daniel Longo have been married since Dec 2012.

Elizabeth’s brother, Dr. Michael Beebe, Chemistry 2005 & UTHSC 2010, is finishing an orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Utah and has accepted an orthopedic trauma fellowship in Tampa, Fl.

Cameron Kasmai, Biology 2010, is a first year medical student at Maharry in Nashville.

Dr. Minoli Perera,  Biology 1997, Pharm.D. 2001, Ph.D 2003, is now an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Department of Medicine.  See her info here.


Alumni News 2/14

Accepted into Medical School

Annie Bauman, who entered CBU after completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Washington University (St. Louis) in order to take the prerequisites for veterinary school, has been accepted to the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

Jessica Ferrell, Biology 2013, has been accepted to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine M.D. program!

S. Riley Pace, Chemistry 2013, was accepted into the Fall 2014 class of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine.

(Robert) Scott Parker, Biology 2012, has been accepted to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine.

Indrani Biswas

White coat ceremony for Indrani Biswas.

Other info:

Indrani Biswas , Biology 2007, U of M 2011 M.S.) is in pharmacy school at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Maegan Lylte, Biology 2010, past her boards for her R.N.


Catherine Gluszek, Biochemistry 2012 in UT Med School currently, is engaged to (Timothy) Austin Gooch, Mechanical Engineering 2012 with minors in Mathematics and Physics.

Rodney Paullus, Biology 1998 and UT 2007, is engaged to Whitney Hansen.

Cameron Volpe, Biology 2013, announced her engagement to Johnathan Fili, Engineering Physics 2013.


Dr. Cristina Martinez Roman, Biology 2004 & MHIRT 2003, was married this past weekend.  Cristina is an entodontist in Puerto Rico.

Sue Nguyen, Chemistry 2002 & Pharmacy, and William Merbs were married on January 5.

New Babies

Diana Heaton, Natural Science 2008, had a baby, Mihran Mohammad, born on January 7.  Diana is a science educator in Newark N.J.

Dr. Johnathan Henderson, Natural Science 2006 & DPT 2010, currently at Health South, and his wife, Doneisha Henderson, CBU 2006 Finance & MBA 2009, welcomed their new addition, Ashlyn, in January.

Caroline Mitchell Carrico, MHIRT 2009, and her husband, Greg, welcomed their son, Noah, on January 10.  Caroline is also an adjunct instructor at CBU.

Alumni News 11/13

Dr. Cina Ali, Biology 2001 & UTHSC 2008, and Dominique Butanwan were married in 2012.  Dr. Ali finished his residency in Radiology at UTCHS and has moved to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, to be a Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellow.

From Jeff Brown, Biology 1997:    Hi Dr. Ross!   It has been a long time since I spoke to anyone there.  It is amazing how fast time can go by and you not realize it.  I hope things are well there.  I completed a fellowship in Cardiac Anesthesiology at UAB in 2011.  I am board certified in Transesophageal Echocardiography and focus on Cardiac Anesthesiology.  I am in private practice with Metropolitan Anesthesia Alliance in Memphis, and live in Germantown. Tell everyone there I said hello.

Dr. Courtney Coletta, Biology 2009 & Pharm.D. 2013, and Paul Thompson, Accounting 2008, were married Saturday October 19.

Michael Herr, Biology 2008, was married on November 9th to Ashley Elliot.  Michael will defend his Ph.D. thesis on December 11.  Michael was the graduate student mentor and worked with Jessica Jameson, Biology 2014, last summer.

Mallory Poff Loughridge, Biology 2009 & BMH nursing 2011, and her husband, Scott, just welcomed Amelia Rose into their lives on October 26.  She was 6 lbs 13 oz.   Everyone is doing fine.

Dr. Jason Porter, Biology 2008 & UTHSC 2013, is currently doing an intern year of internal medicine at UTHSC and is applying for fellowships for next year.

Indiana Soliman, Biology 2013 biology, just obtained her US citizenship.

Jessica Wright, Natural Science & Education 2010, just started her new job on October 30 as an education specialist at the Tulsa Zoo.

Alumni News 10/13

Jennifer Cobb will defend her M.S. thesis this month.

Jennifer Cobb, Biology 2011,  will defend her M.S. thesis this month.

Sherita Granderson, Biology 2013, has been accepted to the Baptist Memorial Hospital Medical Technology program.

Sara Hill, Biology 2012, has been accepted to the Physicians Assistant program at CBU.

Dr. Lawerance LeBlond, Biology 2002, SGU 2011, announced his engagement to Paula Clayton.  Dr. LeBlond is currently at Family Medicine Resident at UTHSC.

Jennifer Paxson Suputra with Dr. Fitzgerald

Jennifer Paxson Suputra with Dr. Fitzgerald

Jennifer Paxson Suputra, Biology 2006, gave a lecture on taste in Dr. Fitzgerald’s Physiology class. Jennifer will soon be Dr. Suputra as she is finishing up her dissertation with Dr. John Boughten on the distinction of tastants in mice.

From Dr. Peggy Ingram Veeser, Ed.D., R.N., A.P.N., Director and Professor, Nursing Program:  ”I am proud to announce a first for our RN to BSN program.  One of the graduates from our first graduation in May 2013 has been accepted to UTHSC Nurse Anesthetist program – Garrett Russell.  We are very excited for him as this was his goal.  He was a 4.0 graduate of our program.”

Adrianne Wilkerson Vitale, Biology 2005, and Sam Vitale, as well as Josie (big sis), welcome Serafina Marie Vitale into their home.  Serafina was born September 29 at 5:20 am.

Jessica Wright, Natural Science & Liberal Studies 2010, received her M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching) in May from the University of Memphis.

Alumni News 9/13

Larry AndersonBiology & Chemistry 2012, and Annie Ostrow were married August 3 in Piperton, TN.  They both are working on Ph.D.’s in Madison, Wisconsin.  Larry has received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Dr. Robert Appling, Biology 2003, was married to Jenny Stubbs in August.  Dr. Appling is a Podiatrist and practices in Southhaven.  He did a three year surgery residency after graduating from Podiatry school in 2009.  They currently live in Olive branch.

Dr. Janet Atkins, Natural Science 2006, Pharm.D. 2011 from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT, is currently working at LeBonheur Germantown and was married to Manny Grillis on August 31st.

Dr. Tiffany Baldi Rabe, Biology 2002, M.D. from UTHSC 2007, and her husband, Derek Rabe, welcome their new bundle of joy, Juliette Quin Rabe, born 2:08 am on 7/21 at 7 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches!

Indrani Biswas, Biology 2008, has been accepted to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Atlanta, GA.

Samantha Bownes, Biology 2012, has been working as an Intern at Church Health Center and has just begun a Masters in Public Health at the Memphis of Memphis.

Dr. Justin Carmichael, Natural science 2007, D.C.  Logan U 2009, married Jessica Brooks in May 2013.  They are currently living in Grapeville TX.  Jessica graduates from dental hygiene in January. Justin and Jessica met during an internship Justin had at Baptist Memorial in Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and have been together since 2010.

Lauren D’Surney, Biomedical Science 2013, is now a Church Health Center Scholar! For more information about the CHC Scholar Program, please go to

Joe Fong

Joe Fong at his white coat ceremony at the UT Medical School.

Joe Fong, Biology 2012, is now a medical student at the UT Medical School.

Dr. April Rebecca Glatt Salgle, Natural Science 2003 & Ph.D. Neuroscience UTHSC 2011, married Greg Salgle in 2012.  They eloped to Myrtle beach.  Dr. Salgale is currently teaching A & P at Pellissippi State Community College in Kodak TN.  Greg is an assistant manager at United Grocery Outlet..

Natalie Hart Guley, Biology 2008, and her husband, Patrick, celebrated the birth of their baby girl, Elowyn Michaela, on May 12, 2013.  Natalie is working on an M.D./Ph.D. at UTHSC.  She has finished her first two years of M.D. and just started her Ph.D. in the laboratory of Dr. Tony Reiner.

Dr. Whitney Heath Vickery, D.V.M., Biology 2008, who is in the military with her husband, completed veterinary school and they are now stationed in Japan in Misawa.

Dr. Oscar Herrera, Chemistry 2006, Pharm.D., has been named a Clinical Pharmacy Fellow at UTHSC.

Brent Holmes, Math & Physics 2013, was married to Catherine DelBove, Accounting 2013, on June 1.  Brent is pursuing a Ph.D. in Math at the University of Kansas.

Analice Hosey SowellChemistry 2002; Master of Arts in Teaching 2005, has been named new Chair of the Memphis University School (MUS) Science Department.  Here is a short piece from MUS on the appointment:  ”Before joining the faculty in 2007, she earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with minors in physics and mathematics, and a master’s degree in teaching with certification in chemistry, both from Christian Brothers University. Sowell is a senior member of the American Chemical Society Committee on Community Activities and serves as chair of the organization’s Chemists Celebrate Earth Day outreach program, for which she helped write national science education curricula.  She has served on the advisory board for the education program at CBU and as an adjunct faculty member, teaching a graduate education course in Science Teaching Methods for pre-service 7th-12th grade science teachers. She also has worked with Teach for America providing training workshops and serving as a mentor for science teachers.  Sowell has been instrumental in several MUS safety efforts: ensuring that automated external defibrillators are available throughout the campus; teaching CPR courses to more than 30 faculty and staff members; and with her safety committee, creating a comprehensive emergency plan for the school and making sure a copy is accessible in each classroom.”

Lydia Hyatt, Biology 2013, moved to Denver in July and started work as a part time activities coordinator at New Dawn Memory Care, an assisted living home that specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. “Although I haven’t felt a particularly strong draw toward patient care in the past, I’ve found a new motivation to improve the lives of the residents at New Dawn. I know there isn’t much I can do for these patients other than be there with them, talk and listen to them, and do my job, but I’ve discovered an overwhelming drive to pursue a career in medical research and potentially improve/prevent similar cases in the future!”

Kelly Jeu

Kelly Jeu at her White Coat ceremony with fellow CBU alums Madeline Reynolds and Catherine Gluszek.

Kelly Jeu,  Biomedical Science 2012, has been accepted to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine.

Dr. Brian Kim, Biology 2007, graduated with his D.D.S. degree and is moving to Reedsport, Oregon.

Dr. Jordan Klein, Biology 2007, UTHSC PharmD 2012, and Jenna Cherry were married July 6, 2013.  They are currently living in Louisville, KY.

Meagan Lamica, Biology 2011, was married on August 31 to Matt Cross.  She is attending the Nursing School at Baptist College of Health Science.

Dr. Sana Mujahid with her advisors and parents.

Dr. Sana Mujahid with her advisors and parents.

Dr. Sana Mujahid, Biology 2007, defended her dissertation (“Regulation of lung development by miRNAs and Hox genes:”) from Tuffs and has accepted a post-doctoral position at Stanford University to begin the end of July.  See the picture of her with her advisers and parents.  She received the dean’s award and gave the convocation speech on behalf of her school at graduation.

Lauryn Murphy, Biology 2013, is now a Clinic Assistant at the Church Health Center.

Hanna Orendorff, Natural Science 2012, will marry Zach Orcutt, August 3, 2013.  She is currently working as a P.T. aide at Mercer Island PT.

Dana Pabalate, Biology 2012, currently at UTHSC in the Clinical Nurse Leader program, and Jacob Zimmerman announced their engagement.

Stephen (Riley) Pace, Chemistry 2013, was named a 2013-2014 Church Health Scholar and is working at the Church Health Center.

Dr. Minoli Perera, Pharm.D.,Ph.D., Biology 1997 has a great paper published! .

Kristi Prevost with her finance, Arron Camp,

Kristi Prevost with her finance, Arron Camp

Kristi Prevost, Biology 2010, currently working at St Jude, is now engaged to Aaron Camp.  Kristi will be beginning Veterinary School at LSU this fall.

Dr. Dora Sellers , Natural Science 2007, graduated from UTHSC with her D.D.S. degree.

Maria Shiue, Natural Science 2008, has entered the University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy.

Alecia Stewart, Biochemistry 2013, is a Research Intern in the Post-Baccalaureate Program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  She is studying bitter compound receptors in the lungs and their potential to relax bronchoconstriction due to asthma.

Dr. Theresa Tran, Biology 1997 and UTHSC 2004, and her husband, James Fairbanks, welcome their bundle of joy, Cole Thai Fairbanks, born on August 30, 2013, at 8:07pm, weighing in at 6lb 8oz, and 19.5″ long.  They currently live in Boulder Colorado.

Alumni News

Jenny Bernard doing research with MHIRT in 2005.

Jenny Bernard doing research with MHIRT in 2005.

Jennifer Bernard, Biology 2006, won the C.L. Davis Student Scholarship Award in Veterinary Pathology, a pathology resident award voted on by the faculty at U.T.  She will finish her veterinary residency in July and take her boards in September.

Courtney Colotta, Pharm.D. UTHSC 2013, Biology 2009, is engaged to Paul Thompson, Accounting 2008, and they will be married October 19, 2013.

Eric Davis, Biology 2008, announced his engagement to Christie Chumney, Business Administration 2007.

Meagan Lamica, Biology 2011, is engaged to Matt Cross, U of M Business management.  Meagan is currently studying nursing at Baptist College of Health Sciences.  Matt is the lead technician for Proscan that runs low voltage cable.

Adam Luka, M.D. LSU 2013, Biology 2009, matched at Medical College of Georgia with internal med year in Roanoke Virginia.

Dr.  Sana Mujahid, Biology 2007, successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis  “Regulation of lung development by miRNAs and Hox genes” at Tuffs University.  She will graduate in May from Tuffs and is currently applying to post-doctoral positions.

Michelle Paul Tubinis, M.D. UAMS 2013, Biology 2009, matched at UAB in anesthesiology.  Also, Michelle and her husband, Zach, announce the birth of their daughter, Riley Kate Tubinis, born 3/30/13 at 3:49 pm with weight 8lbs 10oz and length  19.5 in long.

Alumni News

Dr.  Robert Appling, Biology 2003, announced his engagement to Jenny Cappleman. Dr. Appling is graduated from Barry University (2008) and is currently a podiatrist at Southhaven Foot Clinic.

Jennifer Heltonsmith

Jennifer Hiltonsmith

Jennifer Hiltonsmith, Natural Science 2011, is in the Graduate Biology program at the University of Southern Maine. She is currently studying the physiological effects of oil dispersant on blue mussels. With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the presence of the Portland-Montreal pipeline docking station in Maine, it is important to understand the effects that dispersants, which are used to clean up oil spills, may have on the wildlife environment. Blue mussels were selected as the test subject because they are very abundant in Maine and serve as a bioindicator. In addition to her thesis work she is also responsible for teaching Anatomy and Physiology labs. After completion of her master’s degree she plans on working for an environmental testing agency either with the government or in a private sector.

Brandon Maharrey, Biology 2012, was accepted to the Pediatric Oncology Education program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for this summer.

Kristi Prevost, Biology 2010, has been accepted to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine class of 2017!  Congratulations to Kristi!!!

Hope Shackelford, Biology 2010 and MHIRT, and  Adam Luka, Biology 2009 and MHIRT, were married on February 23, 2013.