Sowell on AEDs, Hankins in Podiatry & the Mason-Garniss Wedding

Analice Sowell, Chemistry 2002 and M.A.T 2005, shared her knowledge of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) with the Tennessee Association of County Mayors at Cook Convention Center in Memphis on Thursday, October 11. Sowell spoke about her experience implementing AEDs and teaching safety programs, and she offered personal reflections on the importance of installing the devices in schools and public places. The quick use of an AED saved her father’s life in 2006, when he went into cardiac arrest while at work. Analice has spearheaded the installation of nine AEDs on the Memphis University School (MUS) campus where she is a science instructor, and she has trained more than 40 faculty and staff members in AED use and other safety procedures. Click here for more and on this Facebook page, which is a public Facebook page for MUS.

Michael Hankins, Natural Science 2012, has been accepted to the Podiatry School at Barry University in Miami.

Laura Mason and Greg Garniss were married on October 6th in Ocean Springs Ms. Laura was a psychology and Global Studies major at CBU and was a work study in the MHIRT program.