Featured Alum: Edin Meevludin (Dino) Basic (2003)

Dino in Bosnia. He is currently attending the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City.

I graduated from CBU in 2003 with a degree in Biology. I enrolled at CBU one year after I moved to the United States from Europe and as it turned out – it was a great pick. Still struggling with some language problems and cultural differences, I found a great group of friends and teachers at CBU that really helped me and showed me how to approach many things. I wanted to pursue medicine from the beginning and that was the biggest reason why I moved to the States in the first place, but I was not familiar with all the details needed to get there. That is where the faculty and advisors at CBU came in.

My one big discovery that happened my junior year of college was the fact that there were two branches of medical schools – following the same ideas but accomplishing this through some very different principles. All I knew about prior to this, was the allopathic approach and knew very little, or nothing, about the osteopathic side of it. To make the long story short, I applied to two allopathic medical schools, both in TN, and eight osteopathic schools nationwide.

I am in my fourth year of med school now and things are nearing an end, finally. Looking back at everything, I truly think that CBU has given me more than just a good educational base for further achievements. I learned to negotiate the twisty roads that one needs to cross sometimes in order to get to where one wants to go, and I learned to do it with confidence and, some might even say, style. I learned that asking sometimes was not enough, but actually standing up and yelling was the right thing to do – in moderation of course.

So, before I get carried away completely with this, here is my advice to those interested in medicine. The process might look intimidating and complicated but it is really not. You have great resources (and not only in books, but also in the heads of your advisors), great connections and awesome teachers at CBU – so use them!!! Do not be too lazy to ask, do not be afraid it is going to sound stupid, and do not postpone it until tomorrow.

Be aggressive and organize yourself, consider every option and don’t think it is going to go unnoticed because it does not. Once you meet your new classmates at the medical school of your choice, and see how much more prepared you are for everything, you will than fully appreciate the place we call CBU.