Featured Alum: Shanna Wall, Biology 2002

Shanna Wall (on left)

Greetings from Dickson, Tennessee! This is Shanna Wall, class of 2002. I guess technically I should introduce myself as Dr. Shanna Wall. I graduated from CBU with a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. After 4 long and tortuous years, I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

The professors of the science department prepared me incredibly well for the trials and tribulations of vet school. For example, we covered Embryology in 5 hours in my first semester anatomy class. That was one of the few topics I had the jump on compared to my classmates. I guess looking at a 48-hour chick embryo is like riding a bike.

Of course, neither CBU nor UTCVM could truly prepare me for “the real world”. Most of us that go into veterinary medicine go in with the idea that we can save the world, one pet at a time. In reality veterinarians must navigate through deal human issues just as frequently as pet issues. Sometimes I end up taking care of the human caretakers even more than their pets.

I start a new job the week of St. Patrick’s Day. The job is with Banfield, the Pet Hospital, which is affiliated with the Petsmart pet stores. I never thought that I would go into corporate medicine, but it is a great opportunity to provide high-quality preventative care to a broad client base. It will be a huge change (I hope) from my practice in Small-town, West Tennessee. Wish me luck and good luck to all of you!