Ask Albert: Spanish Culture Interview with Albert Furnells Ribas

Albert Furnells Ribas, CBU Soccer Player from SpainAlbert Furnells Ribas is a member of the soccer team here at CBU from Barcelona, Spain. In order to get to know about him and his native country, we asked him a few questions about his home town and his stay here in America. This is what he had to say…

Q: What is the biggest difference between Memphis and Barcelona?
A: Memphis is a smaller town and Barcelona is a big city!

Q:What is your favorite thing to do while you are in Memphis? Barcelona?
A: In Memphis, hanging out with the friends I have made here. When I am in Barcelona I love to eat!

Q:What Spanish food should Americans traveling to Barcelona try?
A: We have so much food to choose from, but the most popular are tortilla de patatas, jamón serrano y tapas.

Q: What would you tell students who are thinking about studying abroad?
A: Enjoy yourself in Barcelona because there are so many things to do there like eating great food and experiencing the night life!

Q: What is your favorite thing about America?
A: Everything here is BIG!