Market Yourself With a Global Studies Minor!

A global studies minor is a great addition to any major! Through proficiency in a foreign language and study-abroad experiences, you can prepare yourself for participation in the emerging global economy and culture. This course of study addresses world art, literature, politics, economy, religion, history, environment, geography, anthropology and language. Let’s not forget to mention participation in a study abroad experience!

UN_flags_access_copy1According to our Director of Career Services Amy Ware, “A student who has studied abroad will be able to demonstrate skill sets that are at the top of an employer’s list, such as communication skills, planning & prioritization, and-particularly- making decisions and solving problems.”

The 2012 Institute for the International Education of Students Abroad Recent Graduate Study stated that IES Study Abroad alumni earn $7,000 more annually in comparison to other U.S. college graduates.

In support of this statistic, LEAP Employer Educator Compact found that 78 percent of employers place occupational priority on those students who possess awareness of global issues and knowledge of other international cultures.

Think the Global Studies minor is the perfect fit for your inquisitive mind? If so, contact Dr. Lieb for logistics regarding the paradigm…and start packing your bags if you can’t fight the urge any longer.

Melanie Horne, Psychology ’14