What Are CBU Students Saying About Study Abroad?

Emily Flechas is a sophomore Psychology major who is originally from Alabama. In order to get to know more about her studies abroad, we asked her a few questions about some of the highlights from her trip.

What was your favorite place to visit in Italy and why? (Assisi, Rome, etc.)
Assisi, it just took my breath away.
What was your favorite site to see?
The underground Roman house.
What food should every one traveling to Italy try?
What did you gain most out of this experience?
A better understanding of a culture different from my own.
What would you tell students who are thinking about studying abroad?
Do it. Somehow, someway, make it work.

Maxime Boisdron (left) and Piruntha Muthukumaru (right) are both senior foreign exchange students from France majoring in Engineering. In order to get to know more about them and their native country, we asked a few questions about their hometown and their stay in America.

What are your favorite things to do in Memphis? France?
While in Memphis, they both enjoy Tiger football games and going to Beale Street. In France, Maxime enjoys eating French food while Piruntha enjoys hanging out with friends.
What is the biggest difference between France and America?
They both agree that the biggest difference is the food. Another difference is the layout of the campus; in France, that have many schools on one campus while CBU is just one university.
What French food would you suggest to Americans traveling to France?
French baguette: bread with a nice cheese and wine to compliment it.
What American food would you suggest to French citizens traveling to America?
Taco Bell.

Ask Albert: Spanish Culture Interview with Albert Furnells Ribas

Albert Furnells Ribas, CBU Soccer Player from SpainAlbert Furnells Ribas is a member of the soccer team here at CBU from Barcelona, Spain. In order to get to know about him and his native country, we asked him a few questions about his home town and his stay here in America. This is what he had to say…

Q: What is the biggest difference between Memphis and Barcelona?
A: Memphis is a smaller town and Barcelona is a big city!

Q:What is your favorite thing to do while you are in Memphis? Barcelona?
A: In Memphis, hanging out with the friends I have made here. When I am in Barcelona I love to eat!

Q:What Spanish food should Americans traveling to Barcelona try?
A: We have so much food to choose from, but the most popular are tortilla de patatas, jamón serrano y tapas.

Q: What would you tell students who are thinking about studying abroad?
A: Enjoy yourself in Barcelona because there are so many things to do there like eating great food and experiencing the night life!

Q: What is your favorite thing about America?
A: Everything here is BIG!