MHIRT Director Travels to Brazil

CBU MHIRT LogoDr. Malinda Fitzgerald is the director of the Minority Health International Research Training (MHIRT) program and travels to Brazil every year to help recruit new students, teachers, and meet with current faculty and participants.

This program has given her the opportunity to travel all around Brazil. Dr. Fitzgerald spends most of her time in Brazil working with the MHIRT program, but when she does have free time, the island of San Catarina is where she loves to sand dune surf and enjoy the wild beaches Brazil has to offer.

CBU Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald travels to BrazilShe has also experienced the metropolitan life in Brazilian cities like Rio and many others. She says “…Each city is different and has it’s own charm.” But no matter where you go, her advice is to explore the country and all that the culture has to offer. Dr. Fitzgerald will be traveling back to Brazil again this summer.