Let’s Get Down to Business

IMG_0110Are you a Business student (or do business classes fit into your major paradigm)? Would you like to have an unforgettable semester in tantalizing Barcelona, Spain?

You can become an exchange student and go to Lasalle University BES for a semester!

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities with a vibrant metropolis and roots that go back to Roman empire days. Students are invited to come stroll the grand boulevards, the historic Bari Gothic alleys, the Mediterranean seaside promenade, and the teeming market places where high fashion,antiques, and funky souvenirs share equal space. Tempt your palates at the many tapas bars and revel in the excitement of the stunning flamenco dance in the evenings. See the world famous art and architecture of Picasso, Dali, Guadi, Miro, and others.

Don’t worry, there will be time for daily “siestas” in between all the enchanting activities!

Barcelona 1

- Melanie Horne, Psychology ’14

Business is Bustling in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain 2012The influence Barcelona has on commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, science, and the arts makes it one of the world’s major global cities. With its annual average temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, students have the opportunity to study in one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful coastal cities. Students will enroll at BES LaSalle (Business Engineering School), studying business from a unique international perspective and Spanish at a beginner or higher level. Some students may also register for an online course at CBU. Like all exchange programs at CBU, costs include tuition and fees, airline tickets, room and board. Students from all majors are invited to take advantage of this program.

Ask Albert: Spanish Culture Interview with Albert Furnells Ribas

Albert Furnells Ribas, CBU Soccer Player from SpainAlbert Furnells Ribas is a member of the soccer team here at CBU from Barcelona, Spain. In order to get to know about him and his native country, we asked him a few questions about his home town and his stay here in America. This is what he had to say…

Q: What is the biggest difference between Memphis and Barcelona?
A: Memphis is a smaller town and Barcelona is a big city!

Q:What is your favorite thing to do while you are in Memphis? Barcelona?
A: In Memphis, hanging out with the friends I have made here. When I am in Barcelona I love to eat!

Q:What Spanish food should Americans traveling to Barcelona try?
A: We have so much food to choose from, but the most popular are tortilla de patatas, jamón serrano y tapas.

Q: What would you tell students who are thinking about studying abroad?
A: Enjoy yourself in Barcelona because there are so many things to do there like eating great food and experiencing the night life!

Q: What is your favorite thing about America?
A: Everything here is BIG!