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Revised Curriculum: Effective August 2013

General Education Requirements (34 credits)

  • Natural and Physical Sciences (4 credits)

  • Social Science/History (6 credits)

  • English Composition I & II (6 credits)

  • Literature (3 credits)

  • Moral Values (3 credits)

  • Mathematics (3 credits)

  • Religious Studies (6 credits)

  • Elective (3 credits)

Semester One (11 Nursing Credits)

  • NURS 300. Dimensions of Professional Nursing (3 credits)
NURS 302. Introduction to Professional Role Development (4 credits)
NURS 304. Health Assessment for RNs(4 credits)

Semester Two (11 Nursing Credits)

  • NURS 402. Professional Role Development II (3 credits)
  • NURS 405. Global Community Health Nursing (6 credits)
NURS 406. Community Health Nursing Clinical* (2 credits)

Semester Three (10 Nursing Credits)

  • NURS 412. Leadership (5 credits)
NURS 413. Professional Practice and Leadership Clinical* (2 credits)
NURS 416. Evidence-based Nursing (3 credits)

Summer Semester 

General Education Courses or Electives:

* Clinical rotations are similar to internships in that the clinical will take place outside of the evening class hours and will be located in a health care agency/institution.

Required CBU Nursing Courses: 32 Nursing Credit Hours

  • 3 hr. .......... Dimensions of Professional Nursing
  • 7 hr. .......... Professional Role Development I & II (divided into two courses)

  • 3 hr. .......... Nursing Research
  • 4 hr. .......... Health Assessment

  • 6 hr. .......... Global Community Health Nursing 

  • 2 hr. .......... Community Health Nursing Clinical
  • 5 hr. .......... Nursing Leadership

  • 2 hr. .......... Professional Practice and Leadership Clinical


  • 31 hr. .......... General Education Requirements

  • 32 hr. .......... Upper Division Nursing

  • 35 hr. .......... Lower Division Nursing

  • 24 hr. .......... Electives

122 total Credit Hours

Academic Continuation - A student must:

  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average overall.
  • Successfully complete and evaluate clinical experiences and other assessments.
  • Earn a grade of C or better in all nursing courses.
  • Complete all requirements for the RN to BSN degree within five years.

A total of two nursing courses may be repeated prior to being dropped from the program. A second grade of D or lower would be an automatic withdrawal from the program. RN to BSN students may repeat up to two courses in an attempt to earn the grade of C. They may not repeat more than two nursing courses. RN to BSN students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average overall and earn a grade of C or better in all nursing courses. *NOTE: A single course may be repeated only once.

For Graduation with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

For Graduation with the BSN the student must:

  • Complete a minimum of 122 credit hours as required for graduation at CBU including General Education requirements. The last 35 hours must be completed at CBU to meet residency requirements.

CBU Nursing Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Of Credits From Other Institutions (pg. 27 of the catalog):

  1. To fulfill residency requirements, 35 of the last 70 hours and at least 25% of total hours applied toward a degree must be earned at Christian Brothers University. See school or department requirements for any further restriction on courses in the major area.
  2. For optional minor, 50% of required courses must be taken at Christian Brothers University.
  3. Only courses with grades of “C” or better (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) will be accepted for transfer from other accredited institutions.
  4. Only the hours of credit in accepted courses will be posted on the student’s permanent record with no grade point average transferring from other institutions.
  5. Once a student matriculates to CBU, permission to take any courses off-campus must receive the prior approval of the student’s department chair, Dean of the School, and the Associate Registrar.
  6. Waivers to any of these requirements must be made through the Vice President for Academics.

Transfer Admissions


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