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PA student taking notes


Semester I

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5-7


Rotation Classifications

Required Selective Elective*
Family Medicine Selective/Primary Care/Internal Medicine Burn Unit
Primary Care Cardiology Concierge Medicine
Inpatient Care Dermatology Hospitalist Dermatology Boutique
Surgery Pulmonology Trauma ER (Med)
Emergency Medicine Rheumatology Hematology
Pediatrics Urology Oncology
OB/GYN Gastroenterology Geriatrics
Orthopedics EENT
Behavioral Medicine

 * All elective rotations must be evaluated and preapproved by Clinical Staff PRIOR to initiation.  Students may elect to undertake a second experience in one of the required or elective rotations provided all other students have completed the requirement.