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Helpful Physics Resources

Collecting data

Web Resources

These are some favorite physics-related sites. They are listed in no particular order.

Library Resources

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

You can search the database of The Nucleus, the comPADRE site for undergraduate physics and astronomy students, for summer research opportunities. Click on the Summer Research link on the main page.

You could be accepted into the Pediatric Oncology Education Program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital right here in Memphis. Physics majors take part in research in diagnostic imaging. The research typically runs during the summer months. You must have completed your sophomore year to apply. Read more about the program at the link above.

In addition, the Physics Department receives mailings advertising summer research positions. These announcements are posted on the Research Opportunities page as they are received. Check the web sites listed on that page for more information. The paper advertisements can be found in the STUDENTS' CABINET in AH 004.

Graduate School Flyers

Graduate school flyers are dated and stored in the STUDENTS' CABINET in AH 004. The flyers describe various aspects of the graduate programs in physics and related fields at the different institutions. Feel free to stop by and browse through the cabinet. Also remember that most institutions have Web pages describing their graduate programs.

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