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Import Book Information

External Databases

  • You can only send one item at a time into RefWorks
  • Search for a title you are interested in. When you find it, click on the title link to open the full record. Click the "Cite/Export" link. In the window that opens, click "Export to RefWorks." If you are not logged in, you'll be prompted to do so. The rest is completed automatically.

WorldCat (FirstSearch):

  • Lets you create files containing multiple titles and load them all at once.
  • Direct Export: first select items by checking them off the results list. When you've made all your selections, click the Export icon above the list. The next screen shows radio-button options for items to export ("Records #-#" or "Marked records from this search"). Mark the appropriate one. Choose the Refworks option, and click "Export."
  • If Direct Export does not work, you can still save and import a file: choose "Text File," after making your selections and click "Export." This creates a file to save named "DirectExport.txt". Then go to RefWorks, and choose References/Import. Use "OCLC FirstSearch" as the import filter with the appropriate database name from the list.

Using RefWorks' Own Search Functionality

  • Use RefWorks itself to load book information from Plough Library's BUCCAT catalog.
  • RefWorks connects to many library catalogs directly, including CBU's BUCCAT.
    • To access these catalogs, click "Search," and choose "Search Online Catalog or Database."
    • This option allows you to preview and select from results before you complete the import.