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RefWorks - Import & Export Tips

Database-Specific Import/Export Tips from Refworks

General tips:

  • You can add references to Refworks in bulk. There are two methods:
    1. Importing, or saving a file from a database and importing it into RefWorks (Called "From Text File" in RefWorks)
    2. Exporting, or using the direct export tool provided by many databases
  • To properly import files, you must know the name of the database and its platform (EBSCO, Gale, etc.).
  • Most databases allow either method. If the database's direct export does not work (as frequently happens), you can usually save a file and import it instead.
  • References must be saved with a file extention of .TXT or .RIS.
  • Look for: "generic bibliographic management software," "for exporting to bibliographic software," "export to reference software," "download to citation manager," "citation manager file," “plain text with bibliographic tags,” or in older databases:"tagged format," or "MEDLINE format."
  • Import saved files into RefWorks using the "From Text File" option under References/Import.
  • Some databases (see the British Library for an example) generate files not in citation-manager style. Citation-manager style files are tagged with two-letter codes (TI, AU, etc.). Non-citation manager files have tags that are spelled out (TITLE, AUTHOR, etc.). Bring these files into RefWorks using the "From Text" option under References/Import.