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Register Online

  • Active students and applicants who have been accepted may REGISTER ONLINE.


  • Student Online Login Instructions
  • Student Online Registration Instructions

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Registration Policies

  • During an announced advisement period, you meet with your advisor to plan a schedule of courses for the upcoming semester.

  • Undergraduate students can register for classes at the Registrar's Office after obtaining your advisor's signature on your course registration form. You can also REGISTER ONLINE.

  • Graduate and Professional Studies students should REGISTER ONLINE.

  • The Business Office will bill you at the beginning of each term or semester for the courses you have chosen. Registration is finalized or completed only after making payment or arrangements for payment in the Business Office.

  • If you have not completed advisement and registration, you may do so on campus during the week before classes begin. If you cannot register during this period, registration may be done during the first week of classes. Such late registration requires the payment of a fee of $150.00. 

An academic advisor is assigned to help counsel you in the process of your course selection. However, it is the student's responsibility to know and following the courses and graduation requirements published in the catalog.

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Withdraw From One or All Courses

You can make a Request for Withdrawal (both partial and complete) by completing the online “Withdrawal” form. See TUITION ADJUSTMENT POLICY FOR WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASSES in the catalog.

If you are requesting a “complete withdrawal” (withdrawing from all classes for the semester), you will be required to come to the Registrar’s office to secure the necessary signatures to complete the withdrawal process. The date of the online form will count as the official date of notification for processing the withdrawal. The instructor will be contacted for the date of last attendance, but the official notification date for processing the withdrawal will be the date of notification. This is the date that will be used by all offices for processing the withdrawal and any refunds.

No tuition adjustment calculation will be applicable unless you completely withdraw from all registered classes.

Within two business days after the Withdrawal form is received by the Registrar's Office you should receive an email to your CBU email account indicating that the Withdrawal has been processed. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Registrar's Office (901) 321-3238 or if no email message is received stating that the Withdrawal has been processed. This will ensure timely processing of all withdrawals.

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Course Audit

You may register to audit courses, only during the first week of school, with the approval of your advisor (special students are assigned to the department chair) and the teacher. Auditors are not required to prepare assignments, take examinations, or take part in class discussion. At the end of the class, you will receive the “AU” grade if in the judgment of the instructor you have attended a sufficient number of classes to deserve that grade. Faculty members will base their decisions for awarding the “AU” only on attendance. If you do not have an adequate attendance record, the “UA” (unsatisfactory audit) grade will be given. Tuition for audited courses will be one-half of that charged for the regular credit courses on a per credit hour basis. To audit a class, you need to complete a Course Audit Form, secure the necessary signatures and return the form to the Registrar's Office during the first week of classes. For detailed policies regarding course audit, contact the Registrar’s Office.

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If you are trying to register for a class that is currently full, you may be forced into that class if necessary. Please contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office for more information.

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Independent Study/Internship

To enroll in an Independent Study or Internship:

  • Meet with the faculty member offering the course.
  • Complete the Independent Study/Internship Form.
  • Attach a copy of your work.
  • Obtain signatures from:
    • Your academic advisor
    • Faculty member offering the course
    • Department Head of School offering course
    • Dean of School offering course
  • Submit form to Office of Academic Affairs

The faculty member offering the course and you will be notified of registration through an email from the Registrar’s Office.

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Off-campus Courses

After you enroll at Christian Brothers University, you must take all your classes at the University. The Dean of the School in which you are majoring must approve any exception to this policy. However, during the summer, you may receive credit for off-campus courses under certain circumstances.

Under extenuating circumstances, a Christian Brothers University student may request to take summer sessions courses at another four-year, fully accredited college or university, provided that you are not repeating a course with a grade of “I” or “F.”

If you wish to enroll in summer school at another institution, you must:

  • Complete a Request for Off-Campus Courses Form, prior to taking the course, which includes written authorization of the student’s Department Chair, the Dean of the School in which you are majoring, and the Associate Registrar.
  • Receive email from the Registrar’s Office giving permission to take off-campus course.
  • Request that an official transcript of credits be sent to the Registrar’s Office at Christian Brothers University at the end of the summer session.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar's Office.

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