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Reporting Sexual Assault

It is the policy of Christian Brothers University to ensure, to the fullest extent possible, that any student, faculty or staff member who is a victim of sexual assault committed on the campus or at a university-sponsored event, shall receive treatment, support and information. Victims of sexual assault will be encouraged to make full use of these provisions. Referrals for treatment will be provided, and ongoing support will be offered to victims. To protect the privacy of the victim, confidentiality regarding the name of the victim, except on a need to know basis, will be maintained.

Reports of sexual assault may also be viewed as sexual harassment. If an incident does not meet the definition of a sexual assault under CBU definitions, the events may still be considered under the sexual harassment policy found in CBU’s The Compass, p. 56, through this link.

Reporting to the University

All reports pertaining to this policy will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken regardless of whether a police report has been filed. CBU will evaluate allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct and, when appropriate, take disciplinary action in accordance with Section 8 of the student handbook, the Compass. The University urges those who believe they may have been the recipient of unwanted sexual or gender-based behavior to report it as soon as possible so the most comprehensive investigation can occur and any necessary accommodations can be implemented swiftly. Once an incident has been reported, CBU must investigate it fully, regardless of whether potential witnesses, reporting parties or responding parties are cooperative.

Reports can also be made directly to the Office of Campus Police & Security or the Dean of Students. If the alleged perpetrator is an employee, reports may be made directly to the Director of Human Resources.

Reporting to the Police

On-Campus Incident:
Call Campus Police & Safety immediately at (901) 321-3550, available 24/7. If needed, there are three (3) Emergency Phones on campus at these locations:

  • Between Rozier and Maurelian residence halls;
  • In Buckman Quad, between Nolan Engineering Center and Assisi Hall;
  • In the Central Lot, at the entrance to the lot
In response, Campus Police & Safety will assist you by:
  • Ensuring your immediate safety;
  • Securing medical assistance as needed;
  • Contacting the necessary law enforcement agencies;
  • Preserving any evidence;
  • Calling the support team you request, e.g. friends, family, the Counseling Center (321-3527) or the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center (272-2020, available 24/7), and appropriate university officials;
  • Assisting you in making a written statement about the incident.

Follow-up procedures:
After the immediate safety steps have been followed, the student should decide whether or not to bring criminal charges against the perpetrator and/or file sexual assault/harassment charges within the university.

If the perpetrator is believed to be on campus, or is a CBU student, Campus Police & Safety will conduct an immediate internal investigation and determine if the accused needs to be removed from campus pending an inquiry.

Off-Campus Incident:
The student is advised to call 911 immediately. When returning to campus, CBU recommends that the student advise Campus Police & Safety and other appropriate University personnel (e.g. Director of Residence Life, Director of Counseling, Associate Vice President for Student Life) of the incident to assist the student in any of the procedures stated above.

Campus personnel who have been trained to help students through the proper steps including reporting, counseling, and further referrals include the following:

Dr. Timothy Doyle Associate Vice President for Student Life (901) 321-3548
Karen Conway-Barnett Dean of Students (901) 321-3536
Donna Crone Associate Athletic Director (901)321-3478
John Lotrionte Director of Campus Police & Safety (901) 321-3550
Earnest Duffie Director of Human Resources (901) 321-3474


Resources available:
Christian Brothers University is committed to on-going programs of education to its students about sexual assault, including prevention, safety tips and counseling services for victims. Detailed information can be found on the University’s website under Counseling Services and through the Department of Campus Police & Safety and the Office of Student Life.