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Dorm student eating grapes

Resident Assistant Application

The role of the Residence Life Staff is to promote physical, social and learning environments, which enhance the educational and developmental aspects of the student’s experience at Christian Brothers University. The Residence Life Staff has an obligation to the University, as well as to the students with whom they work, to understand and promote our educational goals with confidence and competence. The Staff aids in the realization and support of these programs. Staff relationships with the students are guided by the perception that the Residence Life program is fundamentally educational in nature.

The Staff is committed to the belief that students accept the responsibilities in a community environment not only for their behavior, but are responsible for the actions or results of such behavior. As a result, the residence halls are viewed as an area in which the total development of an individual may be realized. The Residence Life Staff is relied upon to a high degree to develop and carry out specific programs that assist students in the process.

If you fit the job description, please CONSIDER APPLYING!