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Self Help Services

You may visit or contact the CBU Counseling Center for available information on recommended readings, local support groups, web resources, etc., on a variety of topics relating to mental and emotional health. The Counseling Center is located in the Thomas Center, Lower Level. Phone: (901) 321-3527.

Web Resources

Information via SELF-HELP BROCHURES on a variety of topics relating to mental health issues is available at http://www.counselingcenter.uiuc.edu. Scroll down to "Self-Help Brochures".

*Note: Printed copies of most of these brochures are available, free of charge, in the CBU Counseling Center.

  • JED FOUNDATION: This links you to a library of mental health information including depression, suicide, drug database, etc.: http://www.Ulifeline.org
  • NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH: This site offers sound information on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of all mental health problems: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/
  • LINKS FOR INFORMATION on drugs, alcohol and your body, alcohol and sex, commuter students, children of alcoholics, dealing with a friend's drinking, and the rest of your college experience: http://www.factsontap.org
  • NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION: This site offers information specifically for college students, with fact sheets on adjustment to life changes, anxiety disorders and depression, eating disorders and depression, alcohol/drug abuse and depression, and suicide and depression. http://www.nmha.org

    This site is focused exclusively on anxiety disorders with articles written by the world's top researchers.  Please visit, Anxiety Resources for University and College Students.  You may also visit www.anxiety.org for additional resources.

Disclaimer: Please note that the CBU Counseling Center does not claim that the information in these resources is exhaustive of information available nor does it specifically endorse any service, support group, information, references, etc. provided at these web sites. Self-help resources can accompany work you might be doing in therapy or a support group, but self-treatment as a sole course of treatment may not be recommended by the Counseling Center. If you need expert assistance, please seek the services of a competent mental health professional. If deemed appropriate, referrals can be made through the Counseling Center.