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Student Government Elections

Ready to Serve? Join us!

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At Christian Brothers, our Student Government Association strives to improve life for ALL of our students. If you're ready to answer the call to make the CBU experience better, we would love to have you.

Below you'll find descriptions of each elected SGA position, as well as any additional requirements for holding that office as specified by the SGA Constitution.If you have any questions regarding these positions, please contact Chief Election Commissioner Shane Talley.

President of Student Government

  • Organize, call, and preside over meetings of the Executive Council. 
  • Act in an ex-officio capacity for all committees established by the Senate or the Executive Council. 
  • Instruct and require reports from the Executive Council members. 
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for the student body to the Faculty and Administration of the University. 
  • Direct grievances and ideas to the proper functionary and insure adequate consideration is given to them. 
  • Fill vacancies by appointment in the Executive Council and Senate, subject to Senate approval (Exception: Article II, subsection B, part 4). 
  • Receives a yearly stipend of $750.
  • Additional Requirements: The SGA President cannot hold the position of President (or its equivalent) in any other CBU SGA recognized organization, and must have served in an elected position of SGA prior to appointment.

Vice President for the Senate

  • Serve as the Speaker of the Student Senate
  • Schedule the Senate meetings. 
  • Preside over Senate meetings. 
  • Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence or upon his/her request. 
  • Assume the office of President in the event of permanent disability of the President to perform his/her duties. A special election must be called within four weeks of the accession of the Vice President for the Senate to fill the vacancy in the Vice President's office (this is the only exception to Article II, Section 4, subsection A, part 6). 
  • Appoint a Speaker Pro Tempore from the Senate body to conduct Senate meetings in place of the Vice President for the Senate in the case that the Vice President for the Senate is absent or presenting legislation. The Speaker Pro Tempore is also responsible for presenting legislation originating in the Senate to the Executive Council on a regular basis. 
  • Appoint a Recording Secretary from the Senate body to record the minutes for all Senate meetings, unless a Senate Clerk is appointed. The Recording Secretary and the Vice President for the Senate shall be responsible for publishing and filing the minutes. A Senate Clerk may be appointed by the Vice President for the Senate to assist in the organization of the affairs of the Senate and is subject to removal from office by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. 
  • Update the SGA Constitution as amendments are passed by the Executive Council and Senate, and keep a file of all current and active bills and resolutions. 
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all Senate committees and appoint a chairperson and a vice-chairperson of each committee. 
  • Receives a yearly stipend of $500
  • Additional Requirements: The VP of the Senate must have served at minimum one year as a CBU Senator.

Vice President for Communications

  • Communicate the actions, plans, and events of the SGA Executive Council and the Senate to the student body in a timely manner. 
  • Record the minutes of all Executive Council meetings, and keep such records on file. 
  • Maintain archival records in the SGA office. 
  • Be responsible for publication of announcements concerning the SGA and the student body, and all intercollegiate and external communication. 
  • Maintain and update the SGA social media presence. 
  • Regularly post information concerning SGA meetings, events, and elections in the CBU Connection, campus bulletin boards, student mailboxes, and other university approved media outlets. 
  • Receives a yearly stipend of $500

Vice President for Finance

  • Maintain all financial records of the SGA. 
  • Sign, as a requirement, for all requests for SGA funds by club, class, or organization under SGA jurisdiction before SGA funds can be released. 
  • Approve requests for funding made by students clubs. 
  • Maintain acceptable ledgers of accounts for each class, club, or organization budgeted by the SGA. 
  • Report, when requested, to the Senate, Executive Council, or the university concerning the financial affairs of the SGA. 
  • Have the power to audit any class, club, or organization that receives SGA funding, when requested by the Senate or the Executive Council. 
  • Act as liaison between the SGA and the CBU Business Office. 
  • Submit the entire SGA budget to the Senate for approval at the beginning of each semester. 
  • Serve in an advising capacity (along with the Executive Council) to the Student Activities Council's financial matters. 
  • Receives a yearly stipend of $500.
  • Additional Requirements: The VP for Finance may not hold the position of Treasurer (or its equivalent) in any other CBU SGA recognized organization.

Vice President for the Student Activities Council

  • Lead the Student Activities Council
  • Assist the Director of Student Activities in interviewing and approving members of the Student Activities Council
  • Prepare a budget at the beginning of the academic year that includes yearly programming, sourced from SGA Activties funding
  • Receives a yearly stipend of $500

SGA Senator

  • Attend all Senate meetings (two per month, unless otherwise scheduled by the Vice President for the Senate). 
  • Serve as liaisons between the SGA and students from their respective colleges. 
  • Regular communication between the senator and their peers is required. The primary interest of the Senator should be the academic college that he or she represents while keeping in mind the needs of the entire student body when voting.
  • Bring to the attention of the Senate any and all requests, grievances, or problems of their respective students and colleges. 
  • To propose, at minimum, two bills or recommendations per semester to the Senate. 
  • Attend and support SGA events. 
  • Consider and pass each semester's SGA budget by a vote of two-thirds.