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Student Leadership Awards

These awards are meant to recognize students and student organizations for achievements during the 2019-2020 school year.

Award Descriptions


Faith in the presence of God

  • Zeal of the Founder Award- This award recognizes the student – or students – who best exemplify the faith and commitment of St. John Baptist de LaSalle.  From the Founder, “Teach by example. Put into practice what you want your [peers] to believe.”  The ideal recipient(s) will have demonstrated interfaith efforts at CBU and within the community.

Concern for the poor & social justice

  • Spirit of Smarrelli Award- In recognition of his passion for CBU, this award is named for Dr. John Smarrelli Jr., President of CBU.  The ideal recipient has excelled in the area of promoting social justice during the past academic school year. Nominees should have demonstrated outstanding leadership by: serving as a community advocate with specific concern for the poor; serving as a positive role model; being active in at least one organization; serving as an advocate for the student body; and practicing ethical behavior - honoring commitment and displaying responsibility. 
  • Excellence in Community Service Award- Recognition of the organization that has demonstrated outstanding efforts in service to the CBU campus and surrounding community. 
  • Outstanding Community Servant- Award Recognition of a CBU student who has shown an excellence in service in both the CBU community and the Memphis community. The student should excel in community service hours, be a servant leader, and have diverse service experience throughout their time at CBU.
  • Excellence in Philanthropy- Recognition of the organization that has demonstrated outstanding efforts in charitable fundraising efforts for Christian Brothers University or another charitable organization.

Quality Education

  • Excellence in Programming Award- Recognition to the organization that excels in their overall programming efforts. It should include but is not limited to showing excellence for creativity and impactful programs involving all students while promoting an education and social experience for the community.   
  • Outstanding Greek Scholarship Award- Recognition to the Greek organization with the combined highest GPA of all its members.
  • Outstanding Registered Student Organization Scholarship Award- Determined by the selection committee, this award recognizes the RSO with the combined highest GPA of all its members.
  • Outstanding Student Scholar- Open to all students in a registered student organization, this award recognizes the student who demonstrates the highest excellence in their academics while being involved in multiple organizations at CBU.  Nominators should offer a half-page letter in support of the individual.  The nominee’s GPA will be a factor in the decision.
  • Excellence in Education Award- Nominated by faculty and staff, this award is presented to one individual who has demonstrated unparalleled leadership in promoting and advancing excellence in education. Nominees may be tutors and/or consultants. Many individuals are making outstanding contributions to our students and should have the opportunity to be recognized.  Criteria include a nominee’s success in the following areas: demonstrating a record of significant and distinguished contribution to the paraprofessional education profession; providing a lasting positive impact on student learning; and serving as a positive representative of the center for which he/she is employed.

Respect for all persons

  • Emerging Leader- Recognition of a deserving freshman or sophomore who demonstrates the qualities and personal attributes reflective of a promising student leader through various involvements in the life of the campus community. 
  • Commitment to Diversity- Recognition of a student who has worked to promote the diversity of and the acceptance of ideas and individuals within the campus community through demonstrated exceptional service to CBU in the areas of diversity and multiculturalism in the course of advocacy, leadership, mentorship, educational initiatives, and/or programming. 

Inclusive community

  • New Student Organization of the Year- Recognition of the new organization that has demonstrated outstanding efforts in its first or second year of service at CBU. 
  • Most Improved Student Organization- Recognition of the organization that has shown the most dynamic growth in programming, leadership, structure, involvement, and the most positive changes from the last academic year.  Nominations for this award should address variances in membership growth; programming efforts; morale; and effective membership. 
  • Student Organization of the Year- Recognition of the organization that has demonstrated outstanding efforts to CBU and whose members have exemplified true leadership through charitable efforts, campus involvement and programming. 
  • Most Outstanding Organization Advisor- Recognition of the organization’s advisor who has shown a commitment to the organization. The advisor should be present, hold the values of the organization, and support the overall efforts of the organization.
  • Outstanding New Member- Open to all organizations, this award recognizes a new member who has demonstrated excellence in leadership skills within the organization. The new member must be a first year member of the organization and demonstrate the overall values of the organization as well.   
  • Greek Woman of the Year- Recognition to a CBU Greek woman who has demonstrated the values of her organization and CBU. She should go above and beyond for her organization while also showing support for all other organizations at CBU.
  • Greek Man of the Year- Recognition to a CBU Greek man who has demonstrated the values of his organization and CBU. He should go above and beyond for his organization while also showing support for all other organizations at CBU.
  • Greek Chapter of the Year- Recognition to the Greek chapter who has excelled in every area of their organization: academics, philanthropy, programming, service, and overall involvement on CBU’s campus. The organization should go above and beyond what is expected of their own organization while also being supportive of all other organizations and whose members are involved at CBU.

Individual Awards not chosen by this committee

  • Resident Assistant of the Year- Recognition of the RA who has demonstrated the greatest commitment to the CBU community. The RA should exemplify the CBU values, have hosted a creative and effective programs for all students, and fulfill all of the duties of an RA.
  • Office of Recreation End of Year Awards-- Chosen by the recreation coordinator, this award recognizes the top performing team for the academic year for intramurals.  There are two recipients- one in both the competitive and recreational leagues.    
  • Most Outstanding Senator- Chosen by the SGA VP of Senate and the SGA advisor, this award recognizes one senator from the Christian Brothers University Senate that demonstrated and put forth the mission of CBU for the betterment of students.
  • Campus Ministry Award- This student has demonstrated dedicated commitment to the ecumenical outreach of the university ministry; embodying Lasallian virtues of of Faith, Community, and Service in.