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CBU Safe Zones

CBU Safe Zones

The CBU Safe Zone Program supports LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersexed, asexual or ally) students. Safe Zones provide spaces where LGBTQIA students can find support and information, free of judgment and hostility. Moreover, the Safe Zone Program aims to promote a campus environment where LGBTQIA students feel welcomed, affirmed, safe, and protected from harassment and homophobia.

Safe Zones provide safe and confidential havens where you can discuss questions or issues related to sexuality or gender. Safe Zone Allies will listen to your concerns and, if necessary or helpful, refer you to additional resources on campus or in the community.

Safe Zones are marked with the Safe Zone logo and a certificate confirming allies’ completion of Safe Zone training and their availability to CBU community members.

Safe Zones can be found at the following locations on campus:

Bob Arnold Advancement Barry Hall 101
Deborah Babb Plough Library Plough Library
Dr. Libby Broadwell Literature and Languages Barry Hall 209
Karen Brunsting Plough Library Plough Library
Dr. Tracie L. Burke Behavioral Sciences Barry Hall 221
Dr. Mary Campbell Literature and Languages Barry Hall 219
Dr. Divya Choudhary Electrical & Computer Engineering Nolan 103
Dr. Josē B. Dávila Mechanical Engineering Nolan 101
Sandra Davis Mathematics Cooper-Wilson 316
Cecilia Garrison Nursing Buckman Hall 308
Dr. Scott D. Geis Religion and Philosophy Barry Hall 235
Dr. Jeffrey Gross Literature and Languages Barry Hall 208
Dr. Paul Haught School of Arts Barry Hall 223
Dr. Emily Holmes Religion and Philosophy Barry Hall 230
Dr. Kelly James Behavioral Sciences Barry Hall 218
Br. Allen Johnson Literature and Languages
Rebecca Johnson Admissions Buckman Hall 127
Ray Karasek III Administration & Finance Barry Hall 39
Dr. Raena King Mathematics Cooper-Wilson 315
Zachary Knight Student Life Rozier Center B
Cathy Lantrip Career Services Buckman Hall 207
Chanda Murphy Behavioral Sciences Barry Hall 203
Dr. Elizabeth Nelson Behavioral Sciences Kenrick Hall 208
Dr. Maureen O'Brien Behavioral Sciences Barry Hall 217
Dr. Mary Ogilvie Biology Cooper-Wilson 113
Dr. Neal Palmer History & Political Science Barry Hall 204
Dr. Clayann Gilliam Panetta Literature and Languages Barry Hall 207
Denise Parnell Academic Services Barry Hall 33
Dr. Holmes Peacher-Ryan Mathematics Cooper-Wilson 314
Dr. Brendan Prawdzik Literature and Languages Barry Hall 206
Dr. Anna E. Ross Biology Assisi Hall 111
Br. Walter Schreiner Mathematics Cooper-Wilson 317
Br. Tom Sullivan Campus Ministry Thomas Center 100
Dr. Lavern Terrell Education Kenrick Hall 119D
Dr. John Varriano Physics & Natural Science Cooper-Wilson 116
Dr. Bev Vitali Management Buckman Hall 301
Amy Ware Career Services Buckman Hall 207
Dr. John K. Young Chemistry Cooper-Wilson 214

For more information about Safe Zones, contact Dr. Emily Holmes, Chair of the CBU Safe Zone Program Committee, at Otherwise, feel free to stop by any Safe Zone if you have questions! They’re here for you.