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Search Sciences databases (includes Chemistry).

Films on Demand - Physical Sciences: includes videos in the fields of astronomy, chemistry, and physical science.

Find Journals on Chemistry.
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  • analytical and bioanalytical chemistry
  • chemistry central journal
  • journal of systems chemistry

NEW: Nature - fulltext articles available from January 2009 to the present.

For information about ACS journals, see Dennis Merat (, Chair of the Chemistry department.
(For more, search the Library Catalog)
ChemistryWorld: News (Royal Society of Chemistry)
Chemistry News - from
Basics of Chemistry. Gale Virtual Reference eBook.
Chemistry: foundations and applications (2004), Gale Virtual Reference eBook.

Maths for Chemists (2012), Knovel eBook.
Hawley’s condensed chemical dictionary, 15th ed. (2007). Knovel eBook.

Organic chemist's desk reference (2011), EBSCO eBook.

Techniques in inorganic chemistry (2011), EBSCO eBook.

Yaws' critical property data for chemical engineers and chemists (2012), Knovel eBook.
See also this free online collection:
National Academies Press: 4000+ free-for-download pdfs of research publications in various scientific fields, including math, chemistry and physics.
Helpful Chemistry Resources (from CBU's Department of Chemistry)


Chemical Heritage Foundation: The history of chemistry and its impact on society; includes digital image galleries and multimedia files.
CHEMID Plus: Directory of chemical substances. Search by name, registry number, formala, classification, or locator code. Job ;site for chemists, biochemists, pharmaceutical scientists and chemical engineers. Access to over 350 journals and 15 databases. Includes Careers Centre in association with, Conference Centre, Bookstore and online magazine, the alchemist. Free registration required.
DOE Information Bridge - incorporated into Science Accelerator; full-text scientific and technical reports.
eMolecules: Search chemical structures and drawings. Note: does not accept common names.
Linus Pauling & the Nature of Chemical Bonds: Manuscripts, photos, audio, & video on Pauling's work.
Martindale's Calculators Online - Chemistry Center: Links to chemistry-specific calculators. Online plastics community.
PubChem: From the National Institutes of Health. Find the chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on biological activities.
Royal Society Archives: Search the publications of the Royal Society, back to 1665; historic (pre 1940s) material available free online. - Chemistry & Chemicals: Selected authoritative science websites and scientific databases (specific content varies by database).
ScienceCinema: From the Department of Energy, OSTI,, and VIDEOS.

Wolfram Alpha Chemistry: Information about chemical elements and compounds (structures, properties); compare elements and compounds; compute properties of chemicals and solutions; more.
Hazardous Substances & Safety
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR): Database for publications and resources about effects of hazardous substances on public health and environment.
ToxNet: U.S. Government databases related to toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and environmental health.
U.S. Chemical Safety Board's Video Room: Online collection of chemical safety videos--all copyright-free. VIDEOS.
Organic Chemistry
ChemTube3D - Interactive 3D Organic Reaction Mechanisms: Interactive 3D animations important organic reactions.
Organic Chemistry Portal: Abstract database for eight organic chemistry journals, information on over 100,000 compounds, and short summary articles on new organic synthesis schemes.

Periodic Tables

KnowledgeDoor: Includes a periodic table as well as a collection of units and constants.
Periodic Table of Elements: View the periodic table in five languages. Includes excellent printable Periodic Table from 2001 data and three different scientific calculators.
Periodic Table of Videos: Free video clips on each of the elements, arranged by the periodic table. VIDEOS.
Table of the Nuclides: Map of all known nuclides.
Chemistry Central: Open access journal from BioMed Central.

PubMed: Premier database for the biological and life sciences, includes biochemistry. Provides citations and abstracts, and links to many free articles in fulltext.