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Films on Demand - Philosophy & Religion. Includes videos on philosophy, ethics, religion, and world religions.

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Aesthetics and the philosophy of art (2010), EBSCO eBook.

Cambridge dictionary of philosophy. Cambridge University Press (1999), R103 C35.
Dictionary of philosophy (2002), Credo eBook.
Dictionary of world philosophy (2001), Credo eBook.

Encyclopedia of philosophy, 2nd ed. (2006), Gale Virtual Reference eBook.
Oxford dictionary of philosophy (2005), Oxford Reference Online.

Recent Catholic philosophy: the nineteenth century (2009), EBSCO eBook.
Who's who in the history of philosophy. Philosophical Library (1965), R109.22 K5.
Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names: 1000+ concise definitions for terms undergraduates are likely to encounter.
Counterbalance Interactive Library: Explores relationship between religion and science. Presents contributions from leading scholars in fields of religion, philosophy, and science.
Ethics Updates: Designed for use by ethics instructors and students. Provides updates on current ethics literature, both popular and professional.
Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion & Science: Offers scholarly articles relevant to contemporary dialogue between religion and science, primarily from a Catholic theological perspective.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Most articles are original, peer-reviewed contributions by specialized philosophers.
Noesis - Philosophical Research Online: Search engine for open access, academic philosophy on the Internet.

PhilPapers - Online Research in Philosophy: Directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers.
Philosophy Research Base: Study guide, categorized by history, subject and author, attempts to aid both academic and general interest in all philosophical genres and related fields
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Philosophy encyclopedia with entries maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field.