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students recycling


Recycling at CBU, done in partnership with International Paper, serves as a source of revenue for the University’s Sustainability Committee. So when you recycle on campus, you not only help the environment, but you directly help fund green initiatives at CBU. Since the program started in March 2011, CBU has recycled over 16 tons or 32,260 lbs of material.

Receptacles can be found in buildings throughout campus. They are typically located at the end of hallways near exits and stairwells. You will also find green bins outside that are for plastics and cans only. Small personal receptacles can be provided for faculty and staff offices as well as student dorm rooms that can be emptied at the recycling drop-off behind O’Hara Hall - look for the blue dumpsters. They are single-stream, so don’t worry about separating material. Food is the biggest contaminant, so we ask that you please rinse out those yogurt containers, etc. If food enters the recycling stream we lose the proceeds from the entire collection for that week.

Plastics 1-7 Garbage/Food
Aluminum Cans  Paper Cups and Plates 
Glossy Paper (junk mail)  Paper Towels and Tissues 
All Envelopes (w/ windows ok)  Food Wrappers 
Post it Notes  Styrofoam 
Shredded Paper  Glass 
Carbon Paper  Metal 
Bulk Mailings/Post Cards 
File Folders 
Brochures and Catalogs 
Newspaper and Magazines 
Paper Ream Wrappers 
Books (hard and soft cover) 
Manila Folders 
Spiral Notebooks 
White Paper/Copy Paper
Color Paper