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Call for Proposals

Proposals must be submitted online here.  The submission deadline is 5:00 p.m. Monday, February 3, 2014. We will inform you of the status of your proposal by Monday, February 10, 2014.

Each proposal must include up to a 150 word abstract AND a 50 word description of the presentation. The latter will be printed in the conference program.

The Conference will be held in a classroom building and PCs, projectors and speakers will be available in all rooms. If you are presenting on a Mac please bring your own laptop and adapter.

Proposals will be submitted online and must include the following information:

  1. Name of Presentation
  2. Name, Email and phone of primary presenter
  3. Names and emails of additional presenters
  4. Name of college/university
  5. Indicate if any of the presenters are making more than one presentation (limit of two presentations, please)
  6. Whether presenters are student/faculty/administrator/other (identify)
  7. Name, email, address, office and mobile phone numbers of honors director
  8. Type of presentation (see below)
  9. 50 word description and 150 word abstract
  10. Audio visual equipment needed (also indicate if you will be presenting on a Mac laptop)

Types of Submissions

Podium Presentations (individual or group):
10 minutes plus 5 minute Q & A

Podium Presentations are the most traditional style of presentation. The individual or group of individuals may present on a variety of topics (Student Academic Work, Honors Programming, Civic Engagement, Diversity, Freshman Experience/Orientation, Honors Community/Living-Learning Community, Study Abroad, Other). Most presenters will utilize PowerPoint or Prezi as a visual reference but this is not required. Each one-hour podium session will include 4 presentations with each presentation allotted 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for Q & A. If the presentation takes all 15 minutes, there will be no Q & A.

*Film and Music submissions will automatically be entered into the podium presentation category. Art/Sculpture presentations may elect to be entered as either a podium presentation or a poster presentation. You may indicate your preference in your proposal.

Panel Presentation:
30 minutes including discussion/Q & A.
A panel presentation is a small group (typically no more than 3-4 people) in which the individual members interact and present differing viewpoints on a topic. The purpose of a panel presentation is to be able to hear a wide-range of perspectives on a given topic and to hear support and reasons for those positions. Panel presentations will each be 30 minutes including discussion/Q & A. Conference organizers reserve the right to reassign the Panel Presentation to a Podium Presentation but presenters will be informed in advance.

Round Table Discussion:
30 minutes
Roundtable Discussions provide conference attendees the opportunity to engage in spirited conversation and collaborative exchange of information and resources related to a wide variety of topics. The format of roundtable discussions will be lively, interactive discourse among leaders and participants, not lecture or panel-style delivery. Presenters should regard themselves primarily as facilitators and should limit their own remarks to 5 minutes or less. Discussion leaders may provide their own printed material and/or handouts to help focus conversations.

Posters offer the opportunity to present research and innovations in a relaxed atmosphere and to have in-depth conversations with peers. Each poster should be 36 x 48 in. Font should be readable from a distance of approximately 5 feet. It may be useful to bring handouts for those who want further information. Your poster should be constructed so that it presents the desired information in a self-explanatory manner. Posters should be presented on a tri-fold board which will stand on a table.