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Student painting a portrait


As an art student you are challenged to combine your creative and intellectual process while learning to communicate through images. Just as a writer thinks in words, a musician in sound and rhythm, and a mathematician in numbers, an artist thinks visually. At CBU, you will be expected to use all aspects of your Lasallian education to become an imaginative problem solver who possesses the ability to create individual and socially relevant works of art.

Through small classroom numbers, you will be able to enjoy individualized instruction at the highest academic level. You will rapidly develop a sense of community with your peers as well as your professors through campus and community activities.

You will be able to choose from several disciplines: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, or any combination of these in order to complete your major. The study of art history is a vital part of this major. It places art in a historical context along with religious, cultural, and social issues in order to understand how art contributes to our rapidly changing world.

In our Studio Art program, you will become aware of global issues in art through local exhibitions, internships, visits to campus by artists from around the world, and study abroad programs. If you are interested in Theatre, the program here at CBU offers many opportunities for both actors and stage technicians to develop skills and gain experience.