2015-1016 Grant Changes

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2015-1016 Grant Changes

Due to the recent changes in the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, the new tuition charge for a Dual Enrollment class at Christian Brothers University is $500. The non-refundable service fee will remain the same at $85.

The new award amounts at eligible two-year institutions and four-year institutions will be as follows:

  • Up to $500 for the first course
  • Up to $500 for the second course
  • Up to $200 for the third course
  • No award for the fourth course

The new award amounts will apply only to entering high school juniors for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Juniors will be eligible to receive $1,200 in grant money total over their Junior and Senior year. Please make note that this means if they take one dual enrollment course during the fall semester of their Junior year and one dual enrollment course during the spring semester of their Junior year ($1,000), they will only be able to receive up to a $200 award if they take a third dual enrollment class in their Senior year.

The borrowing provision remains in effect. Therefore, funds awarded for classes beyond the fourth course will reduce the student’s HOPE Scholarship on a dollar for dollar basis until the funds are repaid.

Seniors in the class of 2016 will remain under the previous Dual Enrollment Grant funding, receiving $300 per course for up to four dual enrollment courses. This $300 grant will not cover the complete cost of a CBU Dual Enrollment course. Therefore, CBU has created a supplemental scholarship to offset the balance between the tuition cost and the Dual Enrollment Grant.
Seniors must qualify and be awarded the grant in order to receive the supplemental scholarship. 

If a Senior in the class of 2016 does not qualify for the Dual Enrollment Grant, they will be expected to pay the full $500 tuition fee for each course that they take.