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Life After CBU

An educational background in History & Political Science prepares you for a vast variety of careers. On this page, we have put together a short list of ideas to get you thinking. We encourage you to talk to your advisor, professors and Career Services staff who would be happy to help you further in figuring out the best path for you.

Non-profit Sector

Historical Associations and Societies
  • Promote the study and value of history
Manage historical resources

  • Write, edit, and produce publications
  • Research librarian
  • Preservationist 
  • History curator

  • Preservationist 
  • Prepare and deliver classes
  • Develop staff and docent training

  • Research, write, edit, design, and produce scholarly catalogs, interpretive histories, reports, guidebooks, newsletters, and audiovisual products
Religious and philanthropic organizations
  • Apply historical studies to enrich an understanding of the organization's mission
  • Teach history

  • Develop curriculum, lesson plans, and classroom materials

  • Counsel students

Private Sector

Communications Media
  • Research, write, and edit historical documents and narratives

  • Develop programming for radio and television, motion pictures, and recording industries
  • Editors for books or magazines
Management/Market Research
  • Analyze financial, economic, and political risk using historical models

  • Design and code research questionnaires

  • Manage information-gathering process for interviews and surveys
Banking and Investment Services
  • Research company financial and management history
  • Use research, critical thinking, and communication skills to practice law.

Public Sector

Departments of Education

  • Examine long-range trends that influence education at all levels

Department of State - Foreign Service
  • Analyze and report on foreign countries' political, economic, and social conditions
National Park Service
  • Manage historical sites and parks, studying their history and promoting their use
  • Research the history of policies and legislation

  • Analyze cost and effectiveness