Christian Brothers University insists that all members of its community shall be able to pursue their interests free from sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, bullying and other forms of sexual harassment. Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct, including women, men, and children. Perpetrators of sexual assault may be anyone: a stranger, a recent acquaintance, or someone known for a long time.

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Students may report incidents of sexual misconduct, including rape or other forms of sexual assault, to any employee. Only Counseling Center staff members may keep such reports confidential; all other employees—faculty as well as staff—are mandatory reporters to one of the University’s responsible employees. CBU encourages students to report incidents to the Dean of Students Office/ Title IX Coordinator/Associate Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life at (901) 321-3254. Both offices are located in the Rozier Student Life Suite if someone wishes to make a report in person or ask questions.

The policies outlined here pertain to incidents of sexual assault and sexual misconduct between students or where the respondent to an investigation is a student. To report a possible violation of this policy when the alleged perpetrator is a faculty or staff member, contact the Director of Human Resources at (901) 321-3474.

Faculty or Staff

All faculty or staff should report any incident of sexual assault or sexual misconduct to the Director of Human Resources at (901) 321-3474.

If faculty or staff receive a report of sexual misconduct, they should immediately share that information as a mandatory reporter with one of the University’s responsible employees, including the Director of Human Resources or the Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator.

January 2021: These policy pages are under construction and should not be assumed to be a complete listing of the policies of Christian Brothers University. Should you need information about a policy, please contact us at