The Formal Grievance Process relies on a pool of administrators (“the Pool”) to carry out the process. Members of the Pool are announced in an annual distribution of this policy to all students, parents/guardians of students, employees, prospective students, and prospective employees. They are also listed in the Annual Title IX Report published by the Title IX Office. 

Jordan Bastian
Softball, Head Coach

Ian Boyd
Recreation, Coordinator

Jessie Carmack
Women’s Basketball, Head Coach

Divya Choudary
CAPS, Dean;
School of Engineering, Associate Professor

Jose Davila
School of Engineering, Professor

Sandra Davis
School of Sciences, Instructor

John Malmo
School of Business, Assistant Professor

Mary McConner
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Vice President

Joseph Preston
Director, Campus Ministry

Kristin Prien
School of Business, Professor

Sandra Thompson-Jaeger
School of Sciences, Professor

Bru Wallace
School of Arts, Professor

Pool Training

The materials used to train all members of the Pool are publicly posted here: |

Title IX Panelist Training
Module 1 – An Introduction to Managing Title IX Sexual Harassment on Campus
Module 2 – Formal Complaints of Title IX Sexual Harassment
Module 3 – Title IX Investigations & Informal Resolutions
Module 4 – Title IX Hearings
Module 5 – Title IX Determinations
Module 6 – Title IX Appeals