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School ofBusiness

Academic Programs in Business

The School of Business at Christian Brothers University offers a BS in Accounting and a BS in Business Administration with concentrations in Banking, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, Management, Marketing, and Sport Management. These concentrations include the School of Business core, covering all foundation courses required to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, with the opportunity to take additional courses in selected areas of concentration. The School of Business also partners with the School of Engineering and School of Sciences to offer an interdisciplinary BS in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics.

BSBA Concentrations available:

Students choosing the Banking concentration will enroll in specialized courses beginning in their junior year. The concentration will provide the basic analytical tools and problem-solving skills needed to be successful in the banking industry, including savings institutions, credit unions, investment banks, and securities firms. Career options include, but are not limited to, commercial lending, bank management, investment banking, and securities trading. Along with the new major concentration, the university will also offer a Minor in Banking.

The concentration in Finance introduces students to the analytical and functional areas in the challenging field of finance. Successful completion of the program prepares the graduate for a broad range of opportunities in the financial areas in banking, corporate, and private enterprises from local businesses to Wall Street.

The concentration in Hospitality & Tourism Management educates managers who can organize and implement tourist offers in the hospitality and leisure fields. If you decide to complete the Hospitality & Tourism concentration, you will spend three months studying at the partner university in Bad Gleichenberg which is located in the Spa Region of eastern Styria.

The concentration in International Business provides a strong foundation in the current issues encountered in an increasingly global marketplace. This concentration provides a unique opportunity to learn practical and theoretical applications of business management principles. The opportunity for International Study is strongly encouraged.

The Management concentration is a well-rounded course of study preparing the graduate for entry into the business community, equipped with courses from most of the concentration areas in our business curriculum.

A concentration in Management Information Systems prepares the student to apply technology in support of business goals and operation. The area is unique in that it equips the graduate with technical courses enabling the student to understand the development and implementation of the various technologies required to ensure a successful business operation today.

The Marketing concentration prepares the graduate to enter the business world understanding marketing and its dynamic impact on the business community. The concentration is designed to create a well-rounded experience in marketing that will help any organization, corporation or employee be on the cutting edge of consumer demand and customer satisfaction.

The concentration in Sport Management is designed to provide career development in event planning and promotion, resort management, sport tourism, and sport facility management. This concentration includes both domestic and international studies in hospitality management and the opportunity to work with actual entities involved with this area.