The office of Academic Services manages the Academic Alert Reporting system, collaborating with the campus community to address concerns and support students.

Please complete the Academic Alert Form at any time for students of concern, especially those who are falling behind in a course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please reach out to any member of the Academic Services team at (901) 321-3758 or

Alerts are assigned to the Academic Services team according to the student’s academic school of study:

Academic Alert Flow Chart

Visual information graphic of the Academic Alert Flow Chart
  1. Instructor initiates alert and receives an email receipt with copy. Based on course content and expectations, early alerts are initiated to provide timely feedback to students when they are not meeting expectations for course success.
  2. Alert Received by Academic Services Team. The alert is recorded and assigned to an Academic Services Staff member within 24 – 48 hours of submission.
  3. Intervention cycle begins. Within 1 – 2 weeks, the Academic Services Staff member attempts to make contact with the student, determine the factors limiting academic success, and establishes a plan for improvement.
  4. Alert case closed. Based on the interaction with the student, the alert case is close with stated resolution and case notes. All parties are notified.


(sent within 24-48 hrs of alert)

  1. An Academic Services Staff member emails the student, stating that the instructor of a specific course is concerned about their Attendance, Participation, Performance, and/or Progress.
  2. The student is instructed to schedule an appointment with the AS Staff member and encouraged to contact their faculty advisor.
  3. The student’s faculty advisor is copied on the email.

The Intervention Cycle

(may take 1-2 weeks depending on the student’s response)

  1. The intervention cycle begins with notification email that instructs student to schedule an appointment with the Academic Services Staff member.
  2. The AS Staff member will follow up by calling the student if he/she does not schedule an appt. or respond to the notification email within 24 hours. If no contact is made, we leave a voicemail message (if available) and send the student an e-mail requesting them to make contact with us.
  3. If the student initiates follow-up to the email or phone call, the conversation determines whether or not we can support the issue via phone or if the student should come in for an in-person meeting. Appropriate actions are determined and taken accordingly.
  4. If the student does not initiate a follow-up within 24 hours of the second attempt, they are contacted again via phone and/or email.
  5. If the student still does not initiate a follow-up within 24 hours of the third attempt, the AS Staff member will request additional assistance (ex: outreach from faculty advisor, dean of the student’s dept., or Dean of Academic Services).
  6. If all attempts to contact the student are unsuccessful, the case is closed with a designation of “no reply from student”.

Note: Efforts to contact students include phone and CBU e-mail account

Case Resolutions

  • Closed: Contact was made with the student, and he/she is working with the instructor, faculty advisor, and/or campus/community resources on a plan for improvement.
  • Open: Contact was made with the student and the Academic Services Team is still working on a plan for improvement.
  • Refer: Contact was made and student was referred to instructor, faculty advisor, and/or campus/community resources.
  • Partially Closed: Initial contact was made; a follow up was necessary. Student did not follow up as needed.
  • No Reply from Student: Multiple attempts of contact were made; student did not reply.
  • Refused Services: Contact was made; student refused services.

Note: The Instructor, the faculty advisor, and the student are informed of the case resolution.