Ready to gain versatile career skills? Discover the knowledge you need to analyze and interpret human behavior through an online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Professional Psychology.

At CBU, we understand the practical needs of working adults and know that your time may be divided between work, school, and family responsibilities. Our degree completion programs are designed with you in mind.

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Psychology provides fundamentals of psychology, with focus in areas of demand and growth potential.

At CBU Global College, our 24/7 online access to the classroom allows you to study cutting-edge theories while being employed full-time. Graduates develop the in-demand skill set of scientific inquiry and data presentation. Through our core foundation, students strengthen both communication and critical thinking skills, along with the Lasallian values of respect for all persons, quality education, and inclusion.

At CBU Global College, an online psychology degree is affordable, accredited, and concentrated into one of three strategic disciplines. Explore below and discover where you want to go in your career – and in your life:

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice concentration will equip you to apply human behavioral theory to develop crime reduction and prevention strategies. Our graduates gain key skills to help people find the resources needed to address a wide range of challenges they may face.

Our 24/7 online course access allows those working in law enforcement, social agencies, social work to advance their education and enhance their career options. Topics of study include public administration, criminal justice, criminology, criminal law, corrections, policing, and juvenile justice. The program also gives you the opportunity to pursue 12 hours of criminal justice electives or evaluated Police Academy Training.

Organizational Psychology

The Organizational Psychology concentration will prepare you to apply the principles and science of psychology to effective human resources development and management, focusing on motivation and supervision, employee selection and development, legal considerations, and evaluation and organizational development.

Online courses within the concentration include business law, microeconomics, macroeconomics, organization and management, international business, human resources management, and industrial and organizational psychology. 6 credit hours of the program can be filled with business electives to gain exposure into different fields of industry,

Public Health

The Public Health concentration will allow you to engage in the social context of health and health disparities, delving into the role of community, organizations, and environment as they pertain to the development of effective health policies and interventions.

Curriculum topics within the concentration include principles of epidemiology, health policy and management, global public health, public health of mental illness, social and behavioral public health, social determinants of health and well-being, public health research methods, and program planning and evaluation.

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What is Professional Psychology?

No matter which area of psychology you study, the primary focus lies in discovering the root cause of human behavior. The career path is different, however. Counseling psychologists treat people while graduates with a degree in professional psychology use their knowledge for business applications. Our accredited degree allows graduates to begin or further careers in health and human resource services, market analysis and communication, or director roles in various management operations.


CBU Global College requires no application fee. Our dynamic faculty and instructional designers ensure 24/7 online access to the classroom, so students can study their coursework on their availability. The degree programs have been redesigned to include those courses you can use to build your career. The B.A. in Professional Psychology provides a variety of elective courses to choose from, which makes it possible to transfer in more credit hours from your previous academic experiences and make achieving your goal of degree completion as convenient as possible.


As an adult learner, your time is valuable. Courses will be delivered using hybrid/blended and/or online formats. The hybrid format combines classroom and online instruction, minimizing the time you spend in the classroom. This means you could potentially take 12 semester hours (six hours per eight-week term) and still meet just one night per week at our campus in Memphis, TN.

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