In the ever-expanding field of industry and commerce, a bachelor’s degree in business is universally valuable to a company’s success. At CBU Global College, students study and develop knowledge and key skills to earn new career options through this 100% online bachelor’s degree in Business Studies. With 24/7 online course access, you can remain flexible, working full-time while you earn your degree.

With expert faculty and staff dedicated to student success, expect to achieve your next big career goal through this online degree in Business Studies from CBU Global College. Graduates will choose a strategic discipline to enhance their professional value, even more, choosing from one of seven competitive career concentrations. Read below about our degree concentrations in business studies.


The Entrepreneurship concentration focuses on creating social and economic value by developing the core skills of idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and entrepreneurial management.

You will create a workable business plan, identifying and developing an entrepreneurial opportunity, shaping and assessing financial feasibility, and gaining entrepreneurial experience.

Curriculum topics within the concentration also include market and consumer behavior as well as selling and sales management.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

A concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology prepares you for work in the fields of general management, human resources, and organizational behavior, focusing on the behavioral management aspects of supervisory roles.

Curriculum topics within the concentration include organizational behavior and management, industrial and organizational psychology, human factors, and human resources management.

You will have the opportunity to select an elective of interest as part of your degree requirement among topics such as the psychology of persuasion, highly effective teams, or stereotyping and prejudice.

Information Security

85% of businesses report that cybersecurity and resilience are top priorities for 2023, as cybercrime is responsible for $200 billion annually in organizational losses. The Information Security concentration will prepare you to protect confidentially stored data and work in roles related to Software, Hardware, Telecom, ITS, and Emerging Tech. Curriculum topics include information security, digital forensics, security compliance and auditing, and database design. This discipline involves a practicum/project to explore and use the body of knowledge gained in previous courses.


The Management concentration will provide you with a valuable balance of course theory and practical experience. You willrngain the knowledge, analytic capabilities, critical thinking skills, and ethical leadership strategies that are essential to a successful and responsible business career.

Curriculum topics within the concentration include international business, human resources management, and leadership seminar.

The concentration culminates in a practicum/project management course that puts your entire body of knowledge into practical use.

Management of Information Systems

The Management of Information Systems concentration will provide you with a valuable balance of course theory and practical experience, combining computer science with core business courses, you will develop skills in information systems project management, database management, networks, and web development.

Curriculum topics within the concentration include operations management, systems analysis, app and web development, and database design.

The program culminates in a practicum/project management course that puts to practical use your entire body of knowledge, allowing you to apply technology and business skills to develop a workable, manageable, and effective information systems solution.


The Marketing concentration will allow you to understand the evolution of customer perceptions and preferences, the needs and wants of organizational stakeholders, and how these variables can be influenced through for-profit and nonprofit marketing strategies.

Curriculum topics within the concentration include marketing research and intelligence, market and consumer behavior, marketing policy and strategy, and promotional strategy.

The program culminates in a practicum/project, allowing you to explore and put into practice the body of knowledge gained throughout all marketing courses.

Public Health Administration

The Public Health Administration concentration will give you a foundation for a career in an industry that strives to keep the general publicrnsafe, healthy, and disease-free, focusing on prevention, education, surveillance, and organized responses. The program will incorporate the principles of public health, business management, and social and organization behavior.

Curriculum topics within the concentration include public health, principles of epidemiology, health policy and management, and program planning and evaluation.

The program allows you to pursue an elective course of your choosing to customize the degree toward your interests.

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